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MWC 2019: Digital wellness

At O2 we believe that technology is meant to be used to improve and enhance lives. We believe in its ability to connect us to the important people in our lives wherever they may be, while also providing ways to work, be social and have fun when the time is right.

But we’re also aware that technology can also have an impact on our overall health and wellness. For example, the way that a device’s back light can disrupt the circadian rhythm and affect sleep patterns, or the relentless pursuit of the picture-perfect lifestyle on Instagram and Facebook. What about the potential harassment some people face from the anonymity that a web presence gives certain people?

At O2 we’ve developed a strong relationship with NSPCC, as well as our Think Big initiatives, to ensure we’re closely engaged with the communities we serve. We are always looking at ways we can provide education, guidance and support not only for our own staff, but also our wider customer base.

Read below for how we look to supporting digital wellness within the communities we serve.

Meet the people behind O2: Head of Digital for SMB – Ant Morse

Ant Morse, Head of Digital Solutions – SMB at O2 is passionate about technology. But that doesn’t stop him from regular digital detoxes and strict screen time rules for the whole family.

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