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MWC 2019: Digital trust

As the world continues to embrace digital, the way we communicate and interact with traditional services and functions has changed. Today we bank, shop, and transact while sending personal notes and photos from devices connected to Wifi, fixed and mobile networks. Yet we demand and expect that our information is kept safe, and only accessed by the people and businesses we want to see it.

O2 is the only provider to achieve CAS(T) certification over both our mobile and Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructures. Meanwhile our partnership with NSPCC gives parents the controls and activity monitors so that they can feel confident about their children’s safety online. We also have policies and processes that provide a clear direction for how we manage a customer’s data, and provide services that can help them to leverage that protection when transacting and engaging with their own customers and communities.

Read below how we look to keep our customers secure.

Fake apps, mobile risks and vulnerabilities: how to protect your business.

Data breaches and security vulnerabilities are becoming everyday news stories. Harry Stockbridge, one of O2’s Cyber Security experts, explains how to assess your own organisation’s exposure to risk, as well as some key preventative measures you could take.

Cyber security and business

Tom Mullen, O2’s Head of cyber security, has written a series of posts recently on the security issues affecting business in 2019.

You’ve got mail? You’ve got malware

Lee Hargadon, Head of Enterprise Mobility, O2, describes his own very personal experience of cyber crime.

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