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Expectations are changing: Are you keeping pace?

The way we interact with people is changing. We spend more time looking at screens than we do each other. We browse and buy online rather than on the high street. We hire people based on geographic location, rather than skills and experience alone.

As we enter the new year, we have been considering five areas where we think digital technology will have the greatest impact for people and their workplaces. You can access the 2019 Futures Blue Door Point of View here – but here’s a quick summary.


2019 Futures Blue Door Point of View

1 Digital workplaces: work is what we do, not where we go

Technology is evolving at such a rate that businesses are questioning whether they still need an office at all. Faster wi-fi and mobile networks allow you to connect with colleagues from any location. Cloud computing provides easy, secure access to company data and resources, whilst phone and video conferencing makes travelling to the office for a meeting redundant.

Where is your organisation on the path towards digital transformation? You can access the 2019 Futures Blue Door Point of View here.

2 Customer expectation: we all want a personal experience

Delighting customers is about enhancing the way you interact with people and providing them with a personalised digital experience. According to a survey of consumers’ experience in retail stores by software company Qudini, highly engaged customers buy more, advocate more, and demonstrate more loyalty.

“The old adage was that one person tells 10 people about a bad experience. Now they can tell 10,000 people at the press of a button. Whether it’s good or bad, a person’s experience quickly ripples out.”

Adam Wilson, head of customer experience (O2 Arena), AEG

What are you doing to provide your customers with a personal experience? You can access the 2019 Futures Blue Door Point of View here.

3 Internet of Things (IoT): machine-to-machine grows up

As connectivity technologies evolve, we’ll see more of our devices connected in the home. But it is in business where we will see the fastest growth of IoT, with applications to track shipments, monitor assets, deliver real-time diagnostics and manage compliance and safety checks in public spaces. In fact, it’s hard to think of a business function that won’t be improved by IoT.

Are you employing IoT technology in your organisation? You can access the 2019 Futures Blue Door Point of View here.


4 Big data and artificial intelligence: turn your data into value

With our increasingly digital habits, more IoT devices coming online, and the arrival of 5G, we expect to see a 50-fold growth in data generated by 2020. It’s why you need artificial intelligence – to process and interpret data rapidly into something that’s meaningful to you.

We’re already seeing AI being used for autonomous decision-making, and this will doubtless lead to a debate about legal implications and responsibilities. Whose fault will it be, for example, if an autonomous vehicle causes an accident or injury?

How would you feel if your organisation introduced AI for certain roles or functions, and your line manager was an AI program? You can access the 2019 Futures Blue Door Point of View here.

5 Cyber security: essential yet invisible

Cyber-attacks are evolving continuously and you need to employ technology to keep your organisation protected. There are compliance requirements and related fines to worry about as well, which can damage your brand’s reputation and trust.

The right technology is only part of the solution and you also need to consider the human factor. Regardless of their role, every employee has a part to play in keeping your business safe.

“Cyber security is fundamentally a business- wide issue. It needs to involve everyone in an organisation, and be embedded in all your roles.”

Tom Mullen, head of cyber security, O2

Are all your people prepped and trained in cyber security measures? Isn’t it time they were? You can access the 2019 Futures Blue Door Point of View here.

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