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Curbing uncertainty: helping UK SME’s stay connected in the EU

Just how important is certainty in these uncertain times? It’s a question many of us are asking ourselves in the final run up to Brexit. It’s certainly a question many growing businesses in the UK are asking, as they set their strategies for the months and years ahead.

When it comes to talking with European customers and suppliers the statistics alone make for worrying reading: over half (51%) of UK small businesses expect to lose up to 20% of their revenue if they can’t easily communicate with EU countries.1 What’s more, Brexit is likely to increase usage call rates as SMEs look to maintain existing relationships – business calls to international numbers are anticipated to rise by 19% over the next 12 months.2

That’s why we are giving our business customers greater freedom and peace of mind to do business in the EU by including calls and texts to the EU with our monthly business mobile plans above 6GB, as well as on 10, 20 and 30GB Sim Only plans. Our business customers can also use their allowance when roaming in our Europe Zone. At O2 we want to make it easy to do business in Europe, and this is part of our ongoing commitment to supporting the future growth of small businesses

The real value

But what does this all mean in practice for UK businesses? For Leon Allard, Service Delivery Manager at Freuds (a full services communications and public relations firm), having calls and texts to the EU included in his O2 mobile plan and the ability to enjoy more predictable costs is a standout benefit.

“It’s an instant win for us because of the amount of work we do with companies in Europe, and the benefit of being able to consistently know what your monthly costs are going to be. It’s one less concern, and it means we can budget accordingly while maintaining the same level of service to our clients.”

“Much of what we do is based on the personal relationships we build with our customers. Doing that requires us to speak with them on a daily basis and being on call 24/7 to respond to any emerging opportunity. That means a lot of talking, and I’d estimate that 70% of our customer engagement occurs over the phone. So any increase in price that our suppliers introduce after Brexit will have an immediate and obvious impact”.

For Leon, including UK to EU calls in their tariff has an immediate benefit as it turns all his company’s phone usage into a predictable and controllable cost. It will also enable him to confidently allocate budget based on a consistent monthly phone bill.

“I know a lot of my suppliers will end up raising prices once we leave the EU. What’s great about this new offering from O2 is that I’ll have one price for all UK and EU calls. That gives me both peace of mind as well as real cost savings. The team at Freuds can therefore talk to our clients and travel abroad to maintain our quality of service, and I’m not left worrying about phone charges or having to decipher calling costs from different EU countries.”

Reduce the uncertainty you face with future EU communications. To benefit from the greater freedom and flexibility offered by inclusive UK to EU calls and texts call us now on 0800 028 0202.


1, 2 YouGov research conducted for O2 Business between 10-14 September 2018 (based on an online poll of 532 senior decision-makers in UK-based SMEs).


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