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What do the UK’s Top 30 Growth Retailers have in common? Connected customer experiences.

Written by Katy Liddell, Managing Director for Enterprise and Public Sector Business at Telefónica UK.

Customer experience continues to be the top priority in retail. With so much choice and competition in the marketplace, it’s often how a person feels when buying a product or service that will keep them coming back.

Today, of course, there are many more purchasing channels available to consumers, including physical stores, online, mobile and pop-up shops. The challenge for retailers is to deliver a consistent and connected customer experience across them all.

The consumer experience must be consistent and seamless, regardless of channel. No-one should have to fill in forms with their personal details more than once, and even the very best in-store experience will count for nothing if a customer can’t log-in to their account back at home to arrange a return or make a quick repeat purchase.

But get it right and the benefits of a connected customer experience spread far. The right experience encourages brand loyalty. It delivers word-of-mouth recommendations and high Net Promoter Score (NPS). It drives revenue, growth and long-term sustainability.

View from the shop floor

So, how do the best in the business do it? Which companies are leading the way? How do they create connected experiences across different channels that are better than the rest?

O2 partnered with Retail Week to produce a report on the UK’s Top 30 Growth Retailers of 2018. And we are sharing the report’s insights with you to assist with your own growth strategies.

There are some fascinating findings in the report – including specific examples from the fashion, home and leisure sectors of how retailers are restoring footfall in their physical stores using new digital innovations.

Many of the case studies provide food for thought to any retailer looking at making their own stores a more compelling destination for their customers.

Living it, breathing it, making it happen

As a retailer, O2 has faced many of the challenges and priorities faced by the companies highlighted in the report. But we’re also an IT partner to many UK retailers, so we understand how technology can drive growth and sustainable success. We have feet in both camps, you might say – we live and breathe the retail challenge, whilst also delivering the innovation to help solve it.

What are your plans for the future? Would you like to explore how technology could support a more connected experience for your customers? Please do get in touch if you’d like to talk, either by emailing me at or calling me on 01235 433507.

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