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Will you be joining us today? The O2 Blue Door Conference is here

By Gareth Turpin, Sales Director at O2.

Date: Today

Location: The O2, Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX

After months of planning, it’s finally here. Today is the O2 Blue Conference, part of O2 Live week, a day designed specifically for businesses and public sector organisations, with amazing guest speakers and the opportunity to take part in a series of five intensive, deep dive conference sessions on topics that affect the future of every UK business.

We are expecting almost 1,000 customers, partners and guests to attend and at O2 we want every one of them to feel alive to the possibilities of our connected world and to stop, take stock and breathe it all in.

Key speakers

It’s going to be a day of learning and discovery, with a number of amazing key speakers including:

Baroness Martha Lane-Fox of SOHO, CBE, who will share her experiences and learnings from her achievements across both business and public service and will talk about identifying opportunities, ethics and supporting skills development for a brighter future.

Chris Whiteley, Director of Business Development (UKIE) for Netflix, who will talk about a culture of innovation, change and how to ensure you can spot the trends that can help your own organisation’s survival. Chris will talk about Netflix’s own journey from physical distributor to digital to content creator.

Jo Bertram, Chief Digital & Strategy Officer at O2, who will talk about what is needed to be successful when it comes to technological innovation, sharing some insights and best practices from her experience as Regional Manager at Uber.

Deep dive sessions

During the day we are taking five of the technologies and challenges that our customers most often discuss with us, and running a series of intensive, deep dive sessions into each of them.

  1. Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Alastair McMahon
  2. Customer Experience – Katy Liddell
  3. Cyber Security – Lee Hargadon
  4. Future Workplace – Simon Hassall
  5. Internet of Things (IoT) – Rob Sandford

Live demonstrations

Throughout the day delegates will experience dozens of live demonstrations of technologies that will affect the way we do business in the future. Here are just a few examples:

Holoportation experience

Do endless meetings frustrate you? Imagine stepping into a holographic portal, and being converted into a full 3D hologram in real time. Your hologram can then be delivered to a virtual meeting space to meet up with and collaborate with your team. Come and find out more from our partners at Surrey University.

Imagine a world where every LED lightbulb connects devices to the internet. The existing lighting in our homes, offices and streets could one day deliver our growing demand for connectivity and provide high speed, secure, mobile wireless communications. It’s called LiFi, cutting edge wireless technology that turns regular LED lights into high speed and secure wireless access points.


What does the future in a 5G world look like? What will 5G really be able to deliver? Come & meet Bristol University and hear about some of the 5G previews they’ve been working on to showcase the high speeds and low latency of 5G


CognitionX is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Advice Platform that connects organisations with a global on-demand network of AI experts. Find out about the latest developments in AI and how they will change the way we work forever.

Smart Compliance

Smart Compliance helps businesses reduce risk by employing sensors and beacons to record compliance, and uses the real time data generated to make informed decisions to ensure safe and secure workplaces and public spaces.

If you’re joining us today then we look forward to welcoming you. But if you don’t have a ticket then you needn’t worry – we will be blogging, tweeting and reporting on the news and insights throughout the day and over the coming weeks.

Hosted at The O2, the world’s number one entertainment venue, the O2 Blue Conference is part of O2 Live week, a three day experience for customers, businesses, partners and stakeholders to explore how mobile technology will continue to evolve and enhance our lives.

Follow all the action via Twitter on @O2BusinessUK, and share all your thoughts and snaps using the #O2BlueDoor Conference hashtag.

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