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Helping British businesses stay connected with the EU

According to the Office for National Statistics, exports of goods and services to other EU countries were worth £274 billion in 2017. It’s no wonder that some of our customers who rely on European partners to do business are concerned about the prospect of the cost of calls to the EU rising in the future. At O2 we understand the challenges that many businesses are facing and their need to speak to international partners over the phone to drive business growth.

That’s why today, we are giving our business customers greater freedom and peace of mind to do business in the EU by including calls and texts to the EU with our monthly business mobile plans above 6GB, as well as on 10, 20 and 30GB Sim Only plans. Our business customers can also ‘Roam Like at Home’ when travelling in Europe. At O2 we want to make it easy to do business in Europe, and this is part of our on-going commitment to supporting the future growth of small businesses.

“Our customers say that they’re concerned about the effects Brexit will have on how they trade internationally. At O2, we are absolutely committed to supporting businesses and helping them grow. That’s why we are now including calls and texts to the EU in many of our business tariffs, giving customers complete peace of mind when doing business across Europe.”

Valuable promotional offers from now to 7 November

Inclusive calls and texts to the EU is just one reason to switch to O2 Business. Between now and 7 November our fantastic autumn promotion offers business users like you many more reasons including:

Double the data: We all want to be able to work with confidence without worrying about running up unknown costs. Our Double Data promotion allows you to do just that. Renew or take out a new business handset tariff before 7 November and you can double your data to get 50GB for the price of 25GB or 100GB for the price of 50GB. Find out more here.

Spread your monthly cost with 36 month tariffs: With our new 36 month business contract you’ll be able to spread costs over a longer period of time, reduce your monthly costs and make it easier to get the latest devices to suit your needs. To find out more call us now on 0800 028 0202.

Would inclusive UK and EU minutes and texts make a difference to your business? Whatever the size of your business, and whether you’re an existing business customer or just thinking about joining us, find out more about this and our other fantastic autumn promotional offers. Call us now on 0800 028 0202.


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