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The O2 Blue Door Conference at The O2

Date: Thursday 27 September 2018

Location: The O2, Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX

Conference start time: 08:00

Conference end time: 16:30

We look forward to seeing you at the O2 Blue Door Conference on Thursday 27 September 2018, where we discuss the five topics that affect the future of every UK business

At O2 Live in London on 27 September we’ve taken five of the technologies and challenges that our customers most often discuss with us, and built a series of intensive, deep dive conference sessions around them.

1. Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As an ever-increasing number of devices connect across mobile and fixed networks we’re seeing our data pools turn in to data lakes, and over time in to data oceans. But while everyone talks about it, how many people know how to really make use of the data they have, especially in a landscape of changing compliance and regulation? Get it right and the benefits can be transformational, providing valuable insights and guidance for improving staff engagement and better customer experiences.

2. Customer Experience

The way we interact with each other has changed. Screen time is replacing face-to-face time at home and at work. Browsing in high street stores is being replaced by browsing online. Hiring talent is no longer constrained by geography, and global markets have never been so easy to enter. Digital changes how people expect to interact and engage, and provides the tools and services your teams expect to use. The digital evolution is more than a strategy, it’s essential for survival. Get the digital tools and services right and your business can flourish.

3. Cyber Security

We are living in a world which is increasingly connected, from eCommerce and cloud based solutions to IoT devices, national infrastructure and digital currencies. The solutions are designed to deliver more effective collaboration, enhanced engagement with customers, and digital insights for better decision making. But with these productivity and efficiency improvements comes a rise in new threats that look to steal, compromise, embarrass, or hold to ransom an organisation’s data. And there’s one clear element that can make or break your cyber security efforts: the human factor.

4. Future Workplace

The way we work has changed. Whether in the office or in the field, technology continues to provide an answer. But is that answer always the right one for you? How can you ensure that the efficiencies and productivity promised can be realised? How will your recruitment practices ensure you have the right talent on board? And how can you foster the culture needed within your teams to embrace the changes that are coming?

Internet of Things (IoT)

What is the true potential of the Internet of Things? And how is 5G poised to create an additional surge towards the Internet of “Everything”? We talk about IoT providing deeper insights into our employees, customers and citizens, and the general world around us. With devices connected on this scale the possibilities seem almost limitless, but only when we ask the right questions.

Which of these issues concern you the most?

Click here to see the full agenda for the day.

In addition to the five deep dive conference sessions we have added sessions on 5G, connectivity and developing the skills we will need in the future, as well as a number of guest speakers, networking opportunities and evening entertainment. So if you are free on Thursday 27th September, and can get to The O2 at Peninsular Square in North Greenwich, then you really should be there.


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