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Mobile working: Top apps from #ScaleUpSeries entrepreneurs

We recently partnered with Enterprise Nation to deliver our #ScaleUpSeries events, where successful entrepreneurs share their advice for business growth success. As part of that advice-sharing, we asked each entrepreneur about the mobile apps and technology they rely on to keep their business running. Here’s what they had to say.

Dhirah Mukherjee, co-founder of Shazam

As one of the earliest and bestselling apps in Apple’s App Store, it is hard to think of Shazam as anything other than a mobile app. But that isn’t how the service started because at its launch in 2002, neither smartphones nor apps existed. To use Shazam, a user had to call 2580 on their mobile phone and then place it as close as they could to their radio or the source of the music they wanted to identify. The name of the song, and its artist, would be delivered less than a minute later in the form of a text message.

“It was a mobile service, certainly, but it wasn’t until the launch of the iPhone in 2007 and the App Store in 2008 that Shazam began to resemble the app that we know today. As an app the user experience was quicker and more intuitive and usage grew exponentially.”

Shazam was one of the first apps in the App Store, so it’s not surprising that co-founder Dhirah Mukherjee recognised early on the impact that mobile technology would have.

In computing terms we are such an old company that when we started out many of the modern technologies like cloud computing barely existed. Mobile technology has changed society in the way that we work, and like most of us I work from wherever I happen to be using my phone or mobile devices.

So what apps do entrepreneurs like Dhirah recommend to business owners looking to scale up?

Dhirah regularly travels to conferences and events worldwide, and keeping on top of hotel bookings, flights and confirmations was always a real chore, until his wife introduced him to Tripit

“I travel a lot and Tripit organises all your travel documents and details in one place. It’s so much easier than trawling through emails or messages.”

Dhirah also uses Life 360, a location and communication app that keeps track of where your co-workers or family members are.

“When I am travelling or just very busy at work, it’s reassuring to know where key people are and useful to be able to get a message to them when I am not able to call them.”

Read all about Dhiraj’s top tips for business growth here.

Nigel Whiteoak, co-founder of Lovecrafts

Learning to communicate and collaborate effectively is essential for any entrepreneur who wants to scale up their business. At last month’s ScaleUp series event Nigel Whiteoak, one of the founders of Lovecrafts, revealed that he and his partners love trying out new technology.

“We are big users of Slack for communicating and chatting across the business. And we are fans of Asana, a task management tool, that helps us to manage personal to do lists and to keep on top of tasks arising from meetings.”

You can read about Nigel’s top tips for scaling up your business here.

O2’s own recommendations

In July we published the first of a series of blog posts on top apps for business growth. The series started with a deeper look into Trello, a productivity app which lets you work more collaboratively and get more done.

Find out more about Trello and watch a short video featuring one of our O2 Gurus showcasing how you can use it.

What are your favourite business apps? Let us know and we may feature them in future posts in the series. Get in touch today.

Interested in scaling up? It’s not too late to join us for the next event on 24 September, featuring Alicia Navarro, CEO & founder of Skimlinks. You can purchase tickets here.

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