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The Dark Web: How O2 can help to protect your brand.

Dean Thomson, Cyber Security Specialist at O2, reports on the perils of the dark web.

Cybersecurity is already a challenge for businesses of all sizes, but with the rapid expansion predicted for the IoT (Internet of Things) and with the cloud as the preferred option for data storage, we are likely to see more data breaches like the ones that have made the headlines in recent months. It is time for organisations to look at cybersecurity as more than just protecting their networks from hackers.

The hackers themselves are rarely the ones who derive the biggest profits from the crime. The real trading post is the dark web, a rapidly growing marketplace for stolen corporate data such as customer databases, emails, financial data and login credentials. The dark web comprises thousands of secret forums and marketplaces that facilitate the sale of anything from the freshest stolen customer data to the most disruptive zero day malware. In fact, the dark web has made it straightforward for any cyber-criminal to profit from the comfort of their sofa.

Unfortunately there is no magical silver bullet that will protect an organisation against every data breach and cyber-attack, partly because hacking techniques evolve constantly and the dark web is used to share new strategies and best practice. Instead, businesses need to adopt proactive approaches to protect their data as well as their networks.

The first step towards protection is understanding the risks and threats that are specific to your organisation. Who might want to harm your organisation, or gain access to your information? Why? And what are the most likely ways your security could be attacked?

With Telefonica’s CyberThreats service, our own cyber threat analysts can use the intelligence gained from protecting our global network, customer data and web presence to then help protect other organisations. We scour websites, blogs, social networks and P2P sites, as well as the dark web looking for information pertinent to your business.  We also have access to the same forums, portals and secret networks that cyber criminals use to discuss and sell trade secrets and stolen logins. We believe that by monitoring dark web activity, we can help you and other customers to detect a data breach much sooner, or even prevent it altogether, and be better prepared for any attack or fallout that might follow.

Once we have collected information relating to your online digital footprint, our expert analysts then review this data and transform it into actionable intelligence reports, delivering highly relevant and current insight that you can use to strengthen your security.

For more information about ways O2 can help to keep your organisation protected against cyber attack, click here.

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