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What does managing your company’s mobile estate cost your business?

Rob Stirling, Mobility Specialist at O2, considers how Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) from O2 can help to manage and maintain your mobile estate

In today’s mobile business environment a lost, stolen or faulty mobile device impacts the entire business. Not only can it leave an employee disconnected from their work, email and colleagues, it may have significant financial or security implications as well.

Research by Seareach plc earlier this year revealed that 25% of employees have experienced loss or theft of mobile assets relating to their organisation, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and memory sticks.

The fact is that the consequences run far deeper than simply the inconvenience and cost of replacing the items in question.

  • An employee is likely to be less productive, or even unable to work effectively, until the replacement device is in place.
  • A loss or theft may result in a loss of data. The recent General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR) that came into force in May 2018 stipulates that businesses must report any data breaches within 72 hours if they have an adverse effect on user privacy. The resulting financial penalties, as well as repetitional damage, could damage a business irrevocably.
  • Recovering data can cost money as well as the time associated with reinstalling software and re-creating project and other files.
  • Security updates and password resets may be required company-wide as a result.
  • An organisation may be at risk from cyber security risks other than just data breaches.

Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) from O2 can help. It offers you a simple way to look after your entire mobility estate. Your users get the latest devices in their hands. And your IT team has fewer day-to-day device issues to deal with because O2 will take care of staging, configuring, setting up and despatching every device.

The moment a device is declared lost, stolen or faulty, O2’s DLM steps in. As a fully managed service you can rely on us to:

Replace– We will supply a new, fully configured device within one working day. Unlike other managed services, with O2 each device arrives fully configured, with no extra set-up required. That includes personal settings, security protocol and access controls in all new and replacement devices.

Repair– If the old device is broken, we’ll fix it so your investment isn’t wasted.

Restore– We’ll ensure the old device has all the right settings so it can be used again.

Return– We’ll send back your restored device so you can add it to your device pool.

With DLM from O2 you will cut your capital costs and reduce downtime to an absolute minimum. Here are six reasons why I believe several of the UK’s largest companies rely on us to manage their mobility estate:

  1. Little or no loss of productivity or revenues from user downtime
  2. Less frustration for employees from days without a mobile device
  3. No need to write-off capital investments in devices
  4. Time and effort saved re-configuring replacement devices
  5. Little or no interruption to enterprise mobility
  6. No requirement to buy new devices at full replacement prices

Interested? You can download more information here. Alternatively, one of our digital specialists would love to talk to you and see how we can help you. Get in touch.

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