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Top apps for business growth

A deeper look into…Trello.

Collaboration. Organisation. Accountability.

From the big picture to the tiny details, Trello is a free and useful app that helps businesses keep track, run smoother and be more productive. See below for a roundup of 3 key boards to help your business, plus a short video featuring one of our O2 Gurus, showcasing how you can use the handy app.

1. Company Overview:

Create a single place where anyone at your company can view company priorities, attach organisation charts to see who’s who, and important documents outlining brand information or company culture.

2. New Hire On-boarding:

Make the on-boarding process for new joiners as smooth as possible. You can create cards for each step in the on-boarding process, and add attachments accessible from anywhere, such as forms that need to be signed. You could also create an ‘Employee manual’ card as a single place to find important company policies, forms, and documents.

3. Project Roadmap:

A project roadmap is a great way to keep your team up to date with what is being worked on. It allows all members of the project-team to update, comment, ask and respond to questions, add attachments and keep up to date with the progression of a project, all laid out with clear, prioritised, individual task boards and cards, so it’s super easy to keep track of everything.

For more information on using Trello, click here, and watch the video below.

A deeper look into…Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is a tool by which businesses can manage their social media. The app can help you keep track and manage multiple channels, as well as enable you to monitor what people are saying about your brand and help you respond instantly.

See below for a roundup of the 5 key benefits, plus a short video featuring one of our O2 Gurus, showcasing how you can use the app.

  1. Monitor multiple social media accounts in one place.
  2. Schedule posts in advance.
  3. Easily view analytics data.
  4. Measure relevant social media conversation through social listening.
  5. Effectively manage customer service on social media.

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