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Is your network fit for the digital age?

In today’s digital world, most businesses are having to embrace new technology, adapting their ways of working in order to remain competitive and relevant to their customers. Business headlines seem to focus both on businesses that have embraced the digital age and are thriving, and those that have failed to adapt and have suffered.

But the benefits of digital transformation are about more than just survival. The integration of digital technology is providing new opportunities for businesses to enhance customer engagement, improve security and reduce their cost base. Moreover the digital first business can respond rapidly to new demands as the landscape continually shifts.

O2 Gateway

Here at O2 we are helping organisations embrace disruption and gain value from the shift towards digital. O2 Gateway, our connectivity capability, is an ideal foundation for digital transformation because it brings together three networks onto one integrated platform:

mobile:with over 32 million connections to the network.

traditional WAN:secure networking, certified to ISO27001 and CAS(T) standards.

Wifi:free access and with over 15,000 hotspots.


Accelerate your digital transformation

For some businesses, controlling and managing multiple connectivity suppliers is slowing them down. For others, accessing the corporate network from outside the office is the problem, preventing collaboration and reducing productivity. And for many, maintaining an inefficient and outdated IT infrastructure can be prohibitively expensive.

If any of these sound familiar, here are four areas where O2 Gateway can help accelerate your digital transformation:

  1. Connectivity– O2 Gateway will connect your sites and your people to the services and business applications they need. Remote workers on mobile devices get the same secure, direct connections as those at headquarters. And mobile devices are given private access points that keep data separate and secure from the internet.
  2. Security– O2 is the first provider to achieve CAS(T) certification over both our mobile and Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructures to provide greater reassurance.
  3. Future-proof– You can elect to add new technologies and applications quickly, plus scale up and down at your own pace as your business demands.
  4. Integration– You can integrate real-time services such as instant messaging, video conferencing and data sharing into your IP telephony system, along with voicemail, email and SMS. Add smartphones and tablets to make collaborative working business as usual.


Case Study: whg

We are working with whg, a social housing organisation that manages 20,000 properties and works with 700 colleagues, more than a third of whom are offsite. With the housing market braced for substantial change over the coming years, whg were looking for a stable and unified communications platform that will make the organisation future proof.

“We want to be able to adopt new technology as it emerges, and O2 Gateway enables us to do that.”

David Matthews, Head of IT Service Provision, whg


You can watch a short video showing how O2 Gateway is support whg here.


Want to learn more?

To find out more about O2 Gateway and how it can support your digital transformation, you can visit us online, download our business overview to O2 Gateway or read the product sheet. Or if you prefer, just call one of our enterprise experts on 0800 955 5590.

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