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5 key steps to deliver a great end user experience

I am Matthew Wainwright, O2’s Client Manager for Passenger Services. Here are five key elements that I think every customer focused business needs to adopt to deliver a great end user experience


We take the customer experience seriously at O2. We’d say it’s in our DNA*. I support some of our largest customers and focussing on the end user experience is not just important, it’s a key differentiator in our sector and one where we are proud to be leading the way.

We monitor our Enterprise customers’ feedback through regular, independent formal surveys, and whilst the results suggest we are doing many of the right things, we always look for ways we can improve as we listen to our clients and help them to drive digital change.

From my experience working with our Enterprise clients, I believe that there are five key elements required of a great end user experience:

1 The industry experts – The role of the Client Manager at O2 involves a lot more than being customer focused and having technology expertise. In fact, we encourage and support a much broader involvement in the industries where our client team operates. For example, several members of the team have taken non-executive roles in the charity and public sectors. Appointments like these are celebrated, and we provide the time needed to commit to these roles effectively and wholeheartedly. It ensures that our client facing teams have a broad perspective of their industry, and it also establishes the team’s culture and standards.

2 The Engine Room – In my previous roles at O2 I gained considerable financial sector experience. O2’s investment in our key financial and service-based systems has enabled us to fulfil our customer requirements today and in the future. Whilst no-one can know for sure what tomorrow will bring, we recognise that our customers’ demands are evolving all the time, and that we need the flexibility in our systems to adapt the support we provide.

3 Relevant and SMART Training – The Sales Academy at O2 delivers cutting edge training that is focussed, measured and award winning. Moreover it changes all the time: Just in the three years that I have been a member of the team I have seen the role of the client manager change almost beyond recognition, in line with the evolving challenges that our customers face.

4 United behind a purpose – I’ve been involved in the roll-out of our training, with its fanatical focus on the customer, under the O2 Purpose initiative. Established by volunteers from all sectors and levels within the company, it has helped to drive an organic movement, where the voice of the customer and personal stories are shared and celebrated. When discussing changes that may impact on our customers, a member of the team will act as the voice of the customer to help remind people why we are there to begin with. It is an important component of our strategy to deliver on our company promise to make every day better through personal experiences that count.

5 Industry defining propositions – Our propositions are simple and clear, with connectivity at the heart. We then look for ways that insight and technology can add value to our clients. A great example of this is in our recent partnership with Scot Rail – you can see the improvements we have been able to deliver to the management and monitoring of Security and Facilities Management at a busy train station here

Do you agree? How do you deliver a great end user experience? I’d love to hear from you. If you would like to know more about how we work with customers, or are interested in talking about our propositions, then please get in touch with me here.


*Telefonica UK has been the country’s leading network operator for customer satisfaction for the last seven years, as measured by the Institute of Customer Service – the UK’s professional body for customer service. O2, giffgaff and Tesco Mobile consistently dominate the top of the mobile charts, and continue to climb the rankings overall.

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