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Mobile insights: helping the police better serve communities

By Steve Norris, Managing Partner for Home Affairs, O2.

Using insight to manage demand is a critical challenge for any organisation. Whether it’s supermarkets ensuring they stock the items their customers want to buy, travel companies running extra buses after a big event, or here at O2 where we predict and respond to our customers’ demands on our network, online and in our stores.

Similarly for Police forces, demand management is crucially important in their work to keep our communities safe.

Policing has changed, from 10 even 5 years ago, with increased cyber related crime, domestic abuse, hate crime and terrorism, not to mention the growing demands they face relating to mental health issues and antisocial behaviour. The UK Police forces are having to make some difficult decisions regarding how they manage these competing demands at a time when resources are stretched. This has even resulted in an inability to investigate certain low value criminal offences. 


Data-driven insight can help drive efficient demand management

O2 are helping the UK police in their continuous strive to be more efficient, use better technology, apply insight available from Big Data and provide frontline officers with the best tools available.

We recently supported a southern Police force with their demand management justification to the Home Office for policing Torquay in the summer. Using our Smart Steps Digital Insights, and our extensive ‘big data’ capability, we were able to help them record anonymised data to understand overall numbers of people who lived, worked, commuted to, and visited the force area, as well as key seasonal change information, and how this impacted their planned use of resources.

Targeted insight is a critical tool in managing constantly changing demands. We have helped many of our customers to operate more effectively by providing valuable demand insight. It’s just one of the ways we can help you deliver against ever-tightening budgets. Our dedicated team can also help you:

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