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5 ways to help you perk up this Blue Monday

January. The first month of a new year. An opportunity to give your business a fresh start? Re-energised motivation for reflection and evaluation? For those optimistic, glass-half-full folk, absolutely. For the rest of you, the darker days, colder nights, fading memories of the festive season and dwindling motivation to keep New Year’s resolutions means January can feel like one of the bleakest months of the year, coming to a head on the 15th, coined ‘Blue Monday’.

If you haven’t scheduled a day off with your duvet, then here are 5 tips to help you banish those January blues:


Treat yourself

You spoiled your friends and family over Christmas. Now it’s time you spoil yourself.  This Blue Monday, we’re giving away thousands of perks and surprises with Priority. Brighten your morning commute with a free breakfast from WHSmith and grab a free protein bar to chuck in your gym bag while you’re at it. Enjoy a free Millie’s Cookie as an after lunch treat. And after a long day of meetings, travel back home in the warmth of a free Addison Lee taxi (up to the value of £15). With these offers, it’s set to be your best Blue Monday yet.


Perform a random act of kindness

No such thing as a good deed? Research shows that doing something small for someone else can have positive impact on your mood. Why not make a cup of tea for a colleague? Or depending on your workplace, could you offer your team the opportunity to work remotely one day this week, ensuring they’re home to see their little ones before bed? Do a good deed and everybody wins.


Get up and moving

You quite rightly indulged over the holidays, so the gym is looking like the last place you’d want to find yourself right now? Not quite. Studies have shown that getting your body up and moving, as little as 30mins a day, can help improve your mood. With Priority, why not use two weeks free classes with British Military Fitness to get back into it. Let those endorphins work their magic and perhaps shift a few of those extra Christmas inches.


Embrace mindfulness

Try to make sure you save some time for a little bit of self-love this month. Guided meditations have been shown to reduce stress, sharpen focus and improve sleep. Just 10 minutes on your morning commute could help you tackle those dark days with a clearer head and wider smile. Give Headspace a try.


Get stuff in the diary

Why not use this month to plan some exciting outings for the future? It could be organising a catch up with friends over dinner or planning a trip to the cinema. Maintaining good work-life balance is key. And with Priority, it doesn’t have to break the bank.



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