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2018: It’s mobile today or fail tomorrow

For the second year running, O2 has been fortunate to work with author, researcher and expert on the future of work, Graeme Codrington, to predict the disruptive technology trends set to hit UK organisations in 2018.

Last month we invited him, along with some of the UK’s top business decision-makers, to debate one single issue: What’s next?

The result is Future trends 2018, and you can read and download the full report here. Or if you’re short of time you can also read a short summary of the report here. The report highlights that of the forces and factors that are set to shape 2018, one trend stands clear in terms of its likely impact: Mobile first.

Whilst business has been talking about mobile-first models for a number of years now, 2018 will be the year when we either embrace mobile-first or fall seriously behind.

“Within two years, if you are not mobile-first (which naturally implies cloud-first) you might be too far behind the curve to catch up”

The momentum for mobile-first has come from the home. We are already used to mobile-first, cloud-based, always connected technology at home, and 2018 will see business make the same demands. In our personal lives, we don’t have patience for mobile apps that require more than three clicks to deliver results, or that make us wait more than five seconds for a page to load. The same rules will apply for business applications.

However an effective mobile-first business model requires more than just a responsive or mobile specific website. There are implications for every business department and function that we must address this year. Mobile-first means:


Delivering business services from the cloud makes it quick and easy to get up and running, with the minimum of costs. But it also helps your people collaborate more easily and be more productive, providing access to your network regardless of location.

Box for example, is used by 99% of Fortune 500 companies to let their people access, edit and share documents with colleagues, clients and customers from anywhere with an Internet connection, using pretty much any device.

The cloud-first model means being able to develop and deploy services swiftly so you can be more productive and competitive. For 2018 and beyond, the cloud-first model is the default, because if your business can’t move fast enough then another one will.

With Cloud-first you can:

  • Scale quickly and consistently
  • Avoid physical infrastructure, so no capital investment
  • Run all your key applications and provide access anywhere
  • Keep your data and your devices secure

O2’s cloud solutions provide scalable computing where and when you need it. Find out more about how we can help

Always connected

Connectivity is everything and for business to be productive, people increasingly expect to be able to work from anywhere via a fast, reliable wifi or mobile connection. Whether it’s connecting Surrey and Sussex police forces, providing wifi at 104 Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) stations, or connecting sites, offices, libraries and remote workers for Suffolk County Council.

With thousands of O2 Wifi hotspots across the UK, our work is already keeping businesses like yours connected. But is there more you could do, like offer your customers and visitors free, fast wifi when they are visiting you?

Work with O2, and O2 Wifi can help you understand your customers better. Insights into who they are and how they use wifi during their visit allows you to improve how you market your products and services to them. Find out about how we can help you with wifi provision here.

Secure communications

With mobile-first comes new concerns about risk and security. Who exactly is able to access your network and data, and how? At O2, the provision of network security is at the top of our priorities. We believe that for organisations of all sizes to undergo a digital transformation, it is vital they can feel secure in their network provider.

Because O2 is the UK’s only CAS(T) government-certified mobile and WAN provider, partnering with us means your people can count on secure connections across both fixed and mobile networks.

Can we help?

O2 has been constantly reimagining how people work for the last 30 years, and we are always looking for new and better ways to embed and improve our mobile first model.

It’s one reason why organisations across the public and private sectors trust us to help them reimagine the way they work.

For more information on O2, our enterprise offerings, and our experience in digital transformation, please call 01235 433507 or visit

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