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Improving connectivity in the countryside

Reliable and secure, our network has supported millions of customers and thousands of businesses for over 30 years. However we’re always working to make our network even better. That starts by listening to customers about where connectivity is important to them. Which is why we’re travelling to the furthest corners of the country to boost our voice and data signals with our 4G network.

Harrogate in North Yorkshire is one place that’s been given a signal spruce up. We’ve also made improvements in the villages of Spofforth, Fewston and Follifoot. And there’s more work around the corner, all set to give other rural communities a boost, so they can join our other 15,000 places already enjoying speedy 4G.

To Dr Tim Rider, a GP at the Leeds Road Practice in Harrogate, 4G makes a real difference every day:

“Having the power of a strong and reliable connection is crucial when I’m out on a patient visit. With many of our patients in the smaller villages around Harrogate and, for our surgery in Spofforth, a fast and secure service means I’m able to fill in patient notes and issue prescriptions immediately – just as I would at our main surgery. Without the need to update the system later in the day, I can free up a bit more time to help patients.”

But we haven’t stopped with Yorkshire. Once known as the UK’s most disconnected village, Staylittle in Wales is another community we’ve paid a visit to. Take a look at the link below to see how they’re enjoying their new-found 4G freedom.

We’re enjoying the mission to bring our network to every nook and cranny of the country. Currently we cover 99% of the UK’s population outdoors. This means our customers have all the data they need to start surfing, scrolling and sharing.

There’s also our free O2 Wifi hotspots to keep customers connected too, available in over 15,000 different places in the UK. What’s even better, if customers have a compatible device, they’ll be automatically connected if O2 Wifi is faster than their mobile connection.  So there’s no need to eat into their data allowance.

And finally, we’re seeing how smarter working is making people more productive and engaged, and organisations more efficient and agile. Remote working is no longer a privilege for a handful of trusted employees as organisations recognise the productivity gains it offers. Our award-winning network offers true mobility, allowing for access and productivity wherever the employee may be. Discover how O2 can help flexible working work for your business.


O2 offers a number of ways for you to turn the potential of a connected business into tangible business benefits. We’re here to help, so get in touch.


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