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Driving fleet safety and performance with connected vehicle solutions

By Sam Footer, Partnerships and Marketing Director of Intelligent Telematics


As we’ve seen with Krispy Kreme and Downwell Group, an increasing number of fleet operators are taking advantage of connected camera solutions to improve road safety, reduce exposure to risk and better control insurance costs. What these particular examples show is that 3G vehicle cameras are becoming a proven tool delivering significant savings potential and an effective way of driving fleet management best practice, regardless of the type and size of vehicle operation a business has.

Vehicle camera technology has been around for some time, providing a way of protecting against fraudulent insurance claims, false driving allegations and disputed liability, but earlier devices relied on SD card technology to capture footage. It was notoriously difficult and time-consuming to manage as well and suffered from reliability issues (SD cards typically have a high corruption rate if not formatted on a regular basis), so data was often lost.

How are things changing?

What’s changed in recent years is the introduction of 3G vehicle cameras using an integrated SIM card to automatically transmit video and supporting data to a secure server. Now fleet operators can view any collision, near miss or harsh driving event from any Internet-enabled device within moments of the incident happening. It’s unlocking a host of benefits, allowing organisations of any size to operate in a profitable, compliant and socially responsible way.

Cost is a key consideration for all businesses so having the ability to achieve quantifiable insurance, fuel and vehicle wear and tear savings make connected cameras an attractive proposition. And the other benefits, including improved road safety, added staff protection, enhanced duty of care and increased brand protection, tick even more boxes.

But simply adopting the most advanced vehicle camera solution is not enough. This is why Intelligent Telematics has teamed with leading technology partners such as O2 UK and Cisco Jasper to help power our expanding infrastructure. By taking advantage of O2’s UK and European SIM solutions and Cisco Jasper’s IoT connectivity management platform, we are able to provide a highly flexible, dependable, robust and secure service.

Our proposition is built on delivering immediate access to video footage, so connectivity and coverage is critical for our industry-leading single and dual 3G camera devices. With this in mind, we have worked closely with O2 Telefonica to develop a flexible and reliable SIM solution, backed up with the highest levels of support.


Connected vehicle solutions can help you:

  • Protect against cash for crash, staged incidents and false whiplash injuries
  • Dramatically reduce the financial impact of motor insurance claims
  • Mitigate operational risk by identifying poor driving styles
  • Improve driver behaviour through targeted coaching and engagement
  • Increase fleet efficiency and reduce vehicle wear and tear
  • Boost road safety and ultimately save lives
  • Enhance duty of care and increase brand protection
  • First Notification of Loss (FNOL) for immediate claim intervention


Sam Footer is Partnerships and Marketing Director of Intelligent Telematics, the leading provider of connected camera solutions to the fleet, road transport and insurance sectors. As a co-founder of the business, he helped launch the first 3G vehicle camera in the UK as well as being responsible for developing the company’s international partner and reseller network with the help of O2.

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