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How can your business make best use of O2 Priority?

By Kate Mulligan-Brown, Head of Priority and Reward

As a kid growing up in the 80’s The Goonies helped shape my imagination. The desire to find a dusty map, ragged on the edges and tinted yellow with age, has a big red mark with a picture of a treasure chest played over and over in my early days. Luckily at O2 I’ve found the way to be a real treasure hunter, and I can help every O2 mobile user find a treasure map – O2 Priority.

You see, O2 Priority is more than just an app and a website, but a way of receiving perks, prizes and surprises, for being on O2. It’s all about exclusive offers that you won’t find anywhere else. And as we know everyone is different, we have offers that cover everything from food and drink, shopping, travel, health and beauty to movies, electronic games and sports.

For many of our O2 Business customers, this treasure is still hidden. And the key? Nothing, you just need to register for instant access to offers.  As an employee perk it’s one of the easiest and most cost effective for any organisation to give back to their staff a range of benefits without incurring additional charges.

Some of my favourite offers for business users include:

  • A Tuesday treat – complimentary hot drink from Caffé Nero every Tuesday from 12pm is a great way to kick start the brain cells
  • 48 hour early release of tickets to concerts and shows at venues all over the UK to make sure the balance of work and play can be found
  • Discounted lunches at restaurants across the UK provide a great opportunity for more cost effective working team lunches.

With the mobile app highlighting offers based on your location, it’s an easy way to find out what’s available near you; whether you’re sitting at your desk, with a customer, at home or travelling. If you’d like us to have a chat with your HR office to help ensure your people can make the most of the offers available to them, please contact us.

If you don’t have the app, just look for O2 Priority in whatever app store takes your fancy or jump across to our website. And you don’t even need to do the Truffle Shuffle to get access – meanwhile my fingers are still crossed for Goonies 2!

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