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Fleet management with Downwell Demolition


Using technology to drive best practice in fleet management; O2 customers Downwell Demolition have discovered that mobile-enabled vehicle cameras help lower insurance premiums and improve driver behaviour.

This mobile solution does much more than simply track the vehicles’ whereabouts. Thanks to a g-force sensor, any harsh incident, from braking, acceleration or cornering to an actual collision, triggers an alert by text or email. Downwell can then log into an online dashboard and view the video footage of before, during and after the incident, typically within seconds.

They can then call the emergency services if needed, reschedule vehicles, and offer immediate assistance and repairs. The video evidence can also show the insurer who was at fault – significantly reducing the number of 50/50 claims.


“If the driver breaches the g-force threshold by braking, accelerating, cornering or impact, it will send an instant notification to us. We can then view the video footage immediately and do what’s needed – from calling emergency services, to rewarding drivers for avoiding incidents caused by other drivers.”

– Steven Padmore, Operations Director, Downwell Group


The speed of the notification means Downwell can immediately alert their insurers to settle claims swiftly and efficiently. Supporting repairs for anyone not responsible for the incident allows them to reduce claims costs, further reducing premiums. They can also analyse driver behaviour to recommend targeted training, discipline or reward drivers, and ultimately improve driving practices, which not only works to improve road safety but also helps to reduce wear and tear on vehicles and lower fuel consumption.

The video evidence can also show the insurer who was at fault – significantly reducing the number of 50/50 claims.


Mobile connected vehicle cameras have helped achieve:

• A 20% reduction in insurance premiums
• A significant drop in incident and accident frequency
• Immediate support for drivers involved in an incident
• A reduction in paid motor fleet claims
• 100% real-time visibility of all collisions and harsh driving incidents
• Additional insights into driver behaviour
• Reduction in vehicle wear and tear
• Improved fuel efficiency
• Positive brand perception on the roads


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