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Krispy Kreme: the daily doughnut delivery

Krispy Kreme uses a connected vehicle camera solution to help deliver doughnuts to over 900 locations in the UK, every single day.

Ben Povey is the National Transport manager of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. He faces the daily challenge of understanding what is going on on the road; “We manufacture from 13 different factories throughout the evening and early hours of the morning before our drivers come in and load those finished products onto the vehicles. We deliver to supermarkets and motorway service stations to our fresh shops, in shopping malls, and railway stations.”

“Yes, we deliver doughnuts but safety and reassurance for customers and drivers is paramount.”

With near real-time notification of accidents and incidents, insurance premiums have been lowered, wear and tear reduced, and safe driving rewarded.

Using a mobile-enabled camera is much more efficient than a standard memory card camera, which can only be examined after a vehicle has returned to the depot. Using O2’s network, the incident is relayed in near real-time so it can be evaluated as it happens. The speed of the reaction means Krispy Kreme can contact the emergency services if needed.

Vehicle cameras from Intelligent Telematics, connected via the O2 mobile network, have helped to achieve:

  • An 80% drop in incident and accident frequency
  • Falls in high, medium and low g-force triggered incidents – 78%, 53% and 27% respectively
  • A reduction in paid motor fleet claims by over 40% over a six-month period
  • A drop in the average claims notification period – 14.4 days to 2.9 days
  • 100% real-time visibility of all collisions and harsh driving incidents
  • Reduced wear and tear costs and improved fuel consumption
  • A significant reduction in insurance premiums
  • Positive brand perception on the roads

Since we’ve had the solution the 50-50 claims seem to be diminishing; we know exactly what happened, about what time, and who is involved. We’ve seen a reduction in wear and tear on our vehicles and reducing our fuel consumption has been positive.

“Our driving teams know that we've got their back.”


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