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Friday 13th – don’t let it be a smash

In the past five years, the FTSE 100 has closed lower on seven Friday 13ths and on Friday 13th July 2012, China’s GDP growth dropped to a three-year low of 7.6%, marking a new stage for the country’s economic slowdown. Is Friday the 13th unlucky for business?


One in 10 people avoid travelling by train on Friday 13th, 11% refuse to stay in hotel room number 13, and 16% of people won’t take flights on this inauspicious day.


If you’re the superstitious type, you may be forgiven for thinking something may happen to you on Friday 13th, such as breaking your phone’s screen. In fact, there’s a whopping 7.5 million of us walking around with a cracked phone screen at any one time, and half of all smartphone owners have damaged their screen at least once. Don’t believe us? Next time you’re in a meeting or a cafe, look at the phones of your companions. Similarly to a cat, or buttered toast, 64% of Brits believe their phone is most likely to land screen side down when dropped. A staggering 2.6 million have cracked their mobile device straight after buying it.


Women are more likely to have dropped their phone (54%) compared to men (47%), and 16-24-year-olds are the unluckiest age bracket (29%) compared to 45-54-year-olds (11%). The East of England is the luckiest region with only 39% of those surveyed reporting a cracked screen, whereas nearly two-thirds of butter-fingered Londoners (61%) have suffered a smash, meaning that they can’t get the most out of their devices.


Over 20% of Brits who had cracked their screen admitted to living with a cracked screen for more than six months, and only 1% would ensure it is sent away for repair within one day of breaking it. With cracked screens causing injuries to 14% of the owners there is a heightened need to repair phones as quickly as possible, and ensure your business continues to run smoothly.


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