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Goodordering’s tips for exporting and working internationally

Intrepid entrepreneur Jacqui Ma, founder of East London bag specialists Goodordering, recently went on a fact-finding mission to the Big Apple. The team at O2 Business helped Jacqui stay connected with her customers at home while abroad, as well as new connections.

One of the trip’s aims was to explore the viability of exporting and working in the North American market. Jacqui shares her insights:


  1. Dip your toes in. Go to the market and test your product – there is a range of pop-up options you can do, or just talk to some people in the chosen markets you are planning to target.
  2. Best of British. Americans often think of British products as good quality. So take advantage of the cultural cachet, put your best British foot forward when marketing.
  3. Multiple currencies. Give your website the ability to convert prices to $USD.
  4. It’s a big country. Don’t think of the USA as one big place; there are big differences between New York, Los Angeles, and Portland.
  5. Analyse your current sales. I use Shopify you can see where people are living and target from there.
  6. One price. Americans tend to like all included costs (packaging, shipping, tax), rather than breaking it down.
  7. Work out your complete cost. Think about logistics and shipping early on, as a few pounds can make or break your profit margin.
  8. Timing counts. When trying to get the attention of influencers, retailers and the US community, make sure you post your social media at the right times for them, you can quickly set with scheduling tools like Iconosquare or Buffer.
  9. Help is at hand. Take advantage of the DIT (Department of International Trade) who have representatives in the USA and other regions who can assist you with so many areas of exporting  – both with advice and finance. Enterprise Nation also has a wealth of experience in this field.

Jacqui was in the US as part of Enterprise Nation’s Go Global NYC, supported by O2. Learn more about keeping your business connected abroad.

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