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Goodordering’s guide to a successful pop-up

Jacqui Ma, founder of East London bag specialists Goodordering and member of Enterprise Nation, recently headed to the Big Apple with Go Global NYC, supported by O2. As part of her mission, she opened a pop-up shop in Chinatown. It’s clear she knows how to make a splash – Jacqui sold out her entire stock of bags in record time! Today she’s sharing her top tips on how you can maximise a pop-up opportunity for your small business:


  1. Set realistic expectations. A pop up is equally about brand awareness as it is about selling.
  2. Capture details. Have a sign-up to mailing list, with clipboard and pen on hand somewhere easily accessible on your stand or table. If you can offer something in return for adding your email address all the better e.g. I have done a ‘Win a display bag’ prize draw.
  3. Interactivity rules. I have a badge making machine so people can make their own badges. It’s great for getting families (who are my target audience) to stop and chat and have a look at the product.
  4. Team together. Partner with other brands that have either the same target audience or a similar aesthetic to you. You will be able to increase your invite list and you will have more variety for customers to look at.
  5. Footfall relevancy. Don’t be obsessed with having your pop up in a high footfall area, although it’s great to have lots of people passing by, it is equally important that those people are people likely to be interested in your products and brand
  6. Be active. Tidy up, rearrange, make or label your products… Nothing scares away customers more than someone sitting in a shop staring out into space!
  7. Create anticipation. Build buzz or invest in PR, weeks before the pop up start talking about it. Invite friends and family and have a launch party.
  8. Track your sales. If you’re handing out fliers, include an online discount code which links back to your pop up so you can track future sales and attribute them to the pop-up, even if you don’t make a whole lot of sales at the event, think long term.
  9. Flexible payments. Have a card machine so you can take mobile payments. There are a number of payment providers such as PayPal and iZettle that make this really easy using your phone.
  10. Stand out. Make sure your pop-up looks awesome so people are compelled to approach your stand. Also, make sure you have a visible hashtag so people can share or tag their images of your work on social media channels.

Thinking of running your own pop-up? O2 Business can power your card payments and make sure you’ve got the data capacity to tweet, snap, ‘gram and share all of your retail adventures. Read more about how to keep your business connected away from the office.


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