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Oops: Free screen replacement on the latest phones

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Your phone is more than a phone. It’s business HQ, the command centre for your big idea, your PA, and accounts team all in one. So we understand the searing pain of dropping your phone – and the double whammy of any costs and downtime.

From today, 8 September, we’ll give you free accidental damage cover, with selected phones and tariffs. This means you’ll be covered for up to 24 months, during which time you’ll be able to make one claim.

You can also buy an insurance bolt on for loss and theft at £5 a month, with iPhone cover conveniently including any hardware damage that is not covered by warranty. (Other phones have a 24-month manufacturer warranty and therefore no hardware damage is included.)

A shiny new screen not only helps your customers maintain a positive, productive perception of your business, but it allows you to enjoy the full range of O2 business apps, such as Microsoft Office 365, without any interference.

So whether your phone has made a daring play to escape your grasp during a conference call, taken a tumble down the tube escalator, or been accidentally crushed on the building site; we’ll help you get back to taking over the world. For free.

Want to know which phones you can get this with? Head to our free screen replacement page for more details.

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