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Staying connected – easier than you think

Hi, I’m O2 Guru James, with a few tips on how easy it is to stay connected to your customers – so you never miss that important call, or drop out of a conference meeting just when you are about to say your piece, or for when you need to download that presentation.

So, how do you stay connected? We have some great ways that you can!

  1. Our award-winning network – We’re continually upgrading our 2G and 3G networks. We’re also extending our 4G network to cover 98% of the population – indoor and out – so you know you’ll always be connected.
  2. TU Go – This great app that is available on pretty much anything. All you need is your mobile number and your password, and once you’ve registered, you can call and text – using your O2 number – over wifi. So, if you’re ever in a spot where coverage isn’t so great, hop onto wifi and have that conversation.
  3. O2 Wifi – Available in over 15,000 different places in the UK, you’re never too far from one of our free wifi hotspots. And what’s even better, if you have a compatible device, you’ll be automatically connected if O2 Wifi’s faster than your mobile connection. No need to eat into your data allowance!

Those are my top tips on staying connected with O2.

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