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Technology to bring your people together

by O2 Business

From ye olde fob and pocket watches to the smartwatches of today, wrist worn technologies have gone through incredible change over the past few years. Incorporating a number of rather amazing technologies like GPS, voice interaction, heart rate and temperature monitoring, the ability to switch on your lights, or even honk your car’s horn. Some even still tell you the time at a glance. But, with so much hype surrounding ‘wearables’, the reasons many people have for owning a wearable are associated with desire, rather than need.

But what happens when the right need aligns with the right technology?

For Northern Lancashire and Goole NHS Trust (NLaG) that happened when they were looking at how they could support staff health and well-being, both those working with patients or those sat a desk. NLaG run internal lotteries with its people, to fund initiatives which improve the working environment, and one idea requested funding for a one-off sports challenge. On review, the committee decided it would be better to use the funding to create a lasting benefit for the people involved, and decided to purchase fitness tracking devices.

“We’d been looking at how we could support staff health and well-being through the staff lottery for a while. We talked to O2 who helped us choose the right devices. Then we emailed our nearly 2,000 lottery members inviting them to take up the offer of a free device. In just two days nearly 300 people had expressed an interest so, with such an overwhelming response, we went back to the committee and gained further funding. We’ve been delighted with the response to this initiative and we’re planning to expand it even further now that we have a very long waiting list, and we plan to apply for more funding in the future,” says Lisa Webster, Communications and Marketing Officer.

“It’s a very simple idea that gained momentum and received an overwhelmingly positive response from staff. They felt motivated and engaged. What’s really pleasing is that it includes everyone across the board. There is a real mix – people who are already active, people who aren’t but want to be, people who just needed a little motivation,” says Sarah Mainprize, Head of Communications & Marketing.

The idea has taken on a life of its own. The Trust has set up ‘Team NLaG’. They have a Facebook group where they share activities and compare results. There are lunchtime walks, cycle events, people meeting after work for bike rides, and they are looking at launching a couch-to-5k run programme. Lisa said: “Everyone who has received a device has become more active.

It certainly helps tick our ‘health and wellbeing’ boxes,” says Sarah. “I would definitely recommend this to organisations like ours. It gives people a real feel good factor – they feel motivated and valued. It’s good for teambuilding, such as getting colleagues to challenge each other.”

Wearable technology for NLaG was a perfect fit as they sought a way to effectively help with staff well-being. In the process it was able to bring diverse areas of the organisation together. Sometimes the easiest solutions are the best. And the best ones always bring your people together.

Read the full NLaG customer story here.

Not only do we have a large range of wearables and other connected devices, we also have solutions that will bring your people together like Unified Communications and technology including O2 Gateway that simplifies your infrastructure.

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