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By O2Business

Ark Home Healthcare is a leading provider of care in the home across the UK, enabling individuals to remain living in their own homes and offering tailored care and support solutions for each individual.

Ark’s army of care workers spend most of their time visiting customers at home and rarely come into any of their regional offices. With staff dispersed around the country, many of them working alone, it used to be a lonely job and staff turnover was high. This meant it was vital to maintain staff wellbeing and create a sense of belonging and “team”. “Our own Ark app allows our care workers to feel part of our Ark family and the wider community,” says Lisa Hillman, Ark’s Director of Shared Services.

“They can raise issues, read comments, post replies, enter competitions – and even view their payslips. We control it centrally so our people know they’ll get an immediate response and the ‘emotion gauge’ lets them rate their day. If they’re not feeling so good then our engagement team will get in touch. Our care workers tell us this is a very useful tool.”

With rotas delivered to the carer’s mobiles, GPS tracking also allows Ark to monitor their whereabouts so they can be sure they’re where they need to be at the right time – and they can react quickly if there are any issues. It also ensures that family members are updated when visits have occurred, providing peace of mind.

The phones provide an essential lifeline to keep in contact with the care workers and help them feel part of the wider team. “It’s very important to employ and retain the right staff. Keeping in contact with them wherever they are is a vital part of that process,” says Robin Sidebottom, Managing Director for Domiciliary Care Division.

“Technology has really changed the way that we work thanks to the smartphones we give our care workers. They can see their rotas, updated in real time. They have access to central databases too, and having that constant connection helps to reduce mistakes.”  Watch more here.

“The security of our customers’ data is very important for us. Fortunately, the mobile device management options from O2 offered a very secure way to make sure all our sensitive data is locked down and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. If any devices are lost or stolen they can be tracked and the data wiped off them straight away if needs be.”

O2 Capital financing also provides Ark Home Healthcare with an option to acquire hardware and software as and when it’s needed. With options to lease or amortise the costs over time, it provides a level of flexibility over upfront purchases.

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