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Connect your business with more IoT opportunities

By Stephen Smith, O2 Connect Proposition Owner

Making the most of your IoT investment? Here’s why choosing the right connectivity partner helps you realise the full value of your IoT solutions.

Let’s start by taking a step back. What challenges need addressing in every IoT solution implementation? According to Sandra Fernández Curias, Strategy Manager and IoT expert for Telefónica, there are three essentials:

  1. Simplifying a diverse landscape of IoT components into a coherent, standardised ecosystem.
  2. Processing mountains of data from multiple sources into decision-shaping insights.
  3. Ensuring that sensitive data is secure across an end-to-end IoT service.

For me, each of Sandra’s points underscore the importance of connectivity. Organisations with IoT ambitions of any kind have to make secure, reliable and easy to manage connectivity a cornerstone of their strategy and implementation.

That’s why it’s important to choose a connectivity partner with a proven record of robust service, expert support and constant innovation.

With Smart Connect from O2, we’ve got many years’ experience helping organisations throughout the public and private sectors to lay a scalable foundation for their IoT ecosystem. No matter the size of IoT device estate, the O2 Smart Connect management platform offers an easy, affordable way to connect and oversee all of it. So organisations can focus on IoT innovation more efficiently, effectively and safely.

As John Wisbey, co-founder of Retrieva and Dog Tracker Nano (and O2 partner since 2013), put it, “O2 were the best connectivity choice for Retrieva’s GPS tracking collars. They’re genuinely excited about adding value to our business. And partnering with O2 means our customers have absolute confidence in our product.”

That confidence in our abilities was on similar display when the Government awarded us the largest IoT deal in UK history. Having seen how we were already successfully provided over 3 million IoT connections, they chose us to connect over 21 million smart meters in homes across the country.

Ultimately, this could help the UK save “2 billion tonnes of CO2 in 2020”[1].

Speaking of ways better connectivity can help improve public health, we’ve also partnered with Birmingham City Council to fit over 2000 bicycles with Smart Connect SIMs. The Smart Connect platform monitors our award-winning coverage with enterprise-level control and management.

The council can see the status of every bicycle across the city in real-time. So they’re getting more value from their investment – and more Brummies’ bums in saddles on their way to a “healthier, greener, safer and less congested” city[2].

But that hasn’t stopped us looking for ways to improve the service and support we offer our customers and partners. We sponsor the University of Surrey’s 5G Innovation Centre, the UK’s premier academic facility dedicated to the research and development of connectivity’s next generation. And we’re also enhancing our connectivity, including NB-IoT and LTE-M, which can power IoT conversations for generations to come.

So if you’re looking for a robust connectivity partner, why not get in touch to see how we could help you? Get in touch at to find out more.




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