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Working together: O2 and the City of London Police

By O2 Business

From counter-terrorism to identity theft, cyber-crime to economic offenses, policing the City of London area (the so-called ‘Square Mile’) has changed dramatically in the past couple of decades. Officers need to be able to access police applications and databases securely at all times. To meet this need, secure connectivity is essential.

With several hundred mobile phones and tablets spread across the City of London Police force, the security of data is front of mind when considering how to allow officers access to police applications and information. Working with O2 provided mobile and Wifi networks that are secure to government CAS(T) standards, allowing them to respond to threats effectively and efficiently over networks that provided coverage whenever and wherever they need to operate.

They can coordinate work, provide and retrieve information and organise their resources efficiently, while maintaining the highest possible levels of security and personal safety.

As well as offering operational support in the form of networks, O2 offers practical support with O2 Recycle. The City of London Police is able to securely recycle every single device, regardless of how old it is or which network it’s on, from internal users or any of the devices handed in as lost or stolen. The process is simple. “All we need to do is remove the batteries, dispose of the SIM card in our confidential waste, and then bag up the devices for O2 to securely wipe and recycle,” says Sarah Windibank, Property Supervisor, City of London Police.

But it’s not all mobile networks and wifi; there’s also a light-hearted, fun side to the partnership with social and charitable events like the O2 Touch Rugby Tournament. Take a look at the video below to see more.


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