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How to make your customer service shine

Keeping your clients and customers happy – customer service – is at the heart of business. The question is, can you please all of the people, all of the time?


Most O2 Business customers of a certain size have their own personal Digital Advisor who knows their story, their business and what it takes to go that extra mile. Sarah, one of our Digital Advisors, told us about her recent experience:

“When one of my Finance Director customers asked for ways to reduce their bottom line, the most obvious idea was to reduce the cost of her phone tariffs. But I soon realised that the problem wasn’t the tariffs, but the way her staff used the data. They used their own online app to record information, but they then had to go back to the office to input it into their secure system.

“So I put her field staff on Office 365 with a special security package so they could share information in the cloud while they’re on the road, without having to return to the office every day. They made greater savings in travel costs and increased staff availability.”

That’s just one example, but take a look at our Digital Advisors’ top tips to keep your customer services halo shining – even if it slips a little.


1. Keep calm and carry on

First up, great customer service isn’t just about putting things right when they go wrong. It’s the way we do it that counts. Like when a product recall from Lexus required customers to drop off their cars at their nearest dealership. When they got there, every customer was presented with a brand new Lexus, no questions asked.


2. Set doable deadlines

Resolve issues as quickly as you can, but don’t overpromise on timescales. It’s better to succeed in a realistic timeframe than to fail because the deadline’s too tight.


3. Listen first, speak second

Sounds obvious, but don’t wade in before the customer has finished explaining the problem – or venting their frustration. Once you’ve heard the full story, you’ll be better placed to ask the right questions and offer the best solution.


 4. Pre-empt problems

Whether you do it by phone, email or face-to-face, keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis. Check that they’re happy, and if they’re not, you can proactively address the issues before they turn into resentments.


5. Hold their hand

Not literally, just give them the support they need. Tech talk, processing queries, product specs – whatever they need to know, be available to answer their questions and share your knowledge. Every customer likes to feel they’re special. So whenever possible, make it happen.


6. If you’re wrong, admit it – and move on

Customers don’t expect everything to be perfect – not all of the time at least. By admitting a mistake and putting it right as soon as possible, you’ll be well on the way to taking your customer service from good, to great. Stick to the three golden rules below and you can’t go wrong:

  • Admit the mistake
  • Apologise
  • Act to put it right



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