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Discover smarter business roaming with the Rest Of World Pass

Matt Pope, Customer Support Manager at scientific instruments manufacturer Applied Photophysics, travels a lot. He needed a service that would help him balance his call and data expenses wherever he happened to be in the world.

The Rest Of World Pass from My O2 Business does just that, with a fixed price for calls, texts and data in 87 countries outside Europe for up to 24 hours  or up to 30 days. And it works when you travel across any of the 87 countries.

On a recent trip to Japan, Matt told us how the Rest Of World Pass helps him to keep working, and keep an eye on his bottom line, wherever he is.

Matt Pope, Customer Support Manager at Applied Photophysics


“My responsibility is to offer support to our customers both from here in the UK and on site wherever they are in the world, so I always need to be available. Which means I’m on the road a lot, visiting our customers all over the globe.

The Rest of World Pass from O2 has already led to a massive saving in our roaming costs, which keeps our Financial Director happy. So I can stay in the loop, without worrying about the bill or the data limits. Sometimes I’m away visiting several customers at a time and I end up travelling all over the place so the Pass actually goes with me around the world.

It’s not just calls and texts either. I use FaceTime to show the technical support guys back in the UK the readings I’m getting from the instruments, which means we can resolve any issues there and then.”


Easy to use

“But the biggest benefit to me is that I don’t have to think about it. It’s already set up so it works from the moment I land – it’s just seamless communication whichever continent I find myself on. It works in more countries than anything else I’ve seen. And there are no charges until I actually start using my phone.

It doesn’t seem like a big thing but the Rest of World Pass is critical in allowing us to support our customers and consequently it’s actually a really important tool in helping us grow the business.”



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