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What’s in your pocket?

By Louise Fellows, Managing Partner for Local Communities

Technology should be seamless. We should be able to incorporate it effortlessly into our lives and reap all the efficiency and productivity benefits that come with it. We often hear that mobile devices have become the remote controls to our lives – as powerful as a desktop computer, yet small enough to fit into your pocket. You could say that the mobile device is the archetypal technological innovation. Did you know that today’s smartphone has more computing power than the entirety of NASA when it started sending astronauts to the moon? You can now watch live streams of your house when you’re away with work, remotely unlock your front door or even start your car engine all from a mobile device.

Many organisations place a large amount of emphasis on mobility and rightly so. But I understand organisations’ frustrations at still having to equip workers with so many devices: desktop computers, fixed desk phones, business applications and mobile phones. This is surely the antithesis to seamless technology. Wouldn’t it be great if we condense all these bits and pieces and pop it in our pocket?

At O2, we believe a mobile first approach is the key to success and that’s why we created a simple solution called ‘Pocket UC’. It’s born from an understanding of how technology needs to work around people, and brings together the benefits of mobile and Unified Communications (UC).

The solution is made of a mobile device, a corresponding tariff and a Unified Communications (UC) mobile app, offering the functionalities of a full UC solution at your fingertips. Employees out in the field or visiting customers or even citizens will be able to use a geographical number instead of a mobile one, linking through the app and leaving the need for a fixed line behind.

Past research shows that public sector organisations challenging the norm of the working day by maximising the benefits of technology are saving 2 million hours and £458 million a week. Typically, these cost savings have been by employers who have made a conscious decision to adopt mobile technology, and highlight the need not just for a mobile first approach to working, but an approach that increases productivity without the need for heavy investment in a complex solution.

So, next time you look at how technology could improve your organisation, I’d encourage you to think about whether its adoption could be as easy as putting something in your pocket.

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