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What really happens at an O2 Business video shoot

Making a video that helps O2’s business customers unlock the secrets of Microsoft Office 365 is all in a day’s work for the Digital Advisors in O2 Business’s customer services headquarters.


The job: To make four videos that tell customers all about the benefits of Office 365 in a friendly, accessible way. And hopefully to have some fun along the way.

The stars: Four Digital Advisors (DAs) from O2 Business volunteered to spend the day talking about Office 365 – “It’s what we do all day anyway”.


Digital Advisors Sarah McPoland, Donny Wayte, Sarah Murgatroyd and Danny Shaw


8am Set-up and coffee

The crew arrive at O2 customer services headquarters, Preston Brook, and prepare for the shoot. They’re well used to filming with people who haven’t had any formal acting training but director Garaint (known as ‘G’) admits to some concerns. “You never know quite what you’re going to get on this sort of a shoot, but they seem like a good bunch – here’s hoping…”


9am Briefing

The Digital Advisors arrive. Sarah McPoland, Sarah Murgatroyd and Donny Wayte have been with O2 for some time and they’re all experts in Office 365. But there’s a problem – there’s supposed to be four of them. One panicky phone call later it turns out our other DA had to rush out to see a customer, but a replacement has been found. Danny Shaw turns up a few minutes later, ready for his close-up. “I’ve got this,” was all he said.


A little make-up


10am Filming starts

The team practise their lines and work to get the mood right. There’s a serious side to Office 365 and that’s got to be clear. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun. The Office 365 overview video is the first to be shot and the team settles in easily, shouting out the benefits of online storage, productivity and flexible working.


11.30am Break

The first video’s in the can, but filming has to stop while one of the DAs rushes off to deal with an urgent customer enquiry. The others use the time to check in on some of their clients too.


1.30 Back to filming (and afternoon coffee)

The next two videos are shot quickly. We do Outlook and OneDrive for Business, and discover that size really does matter, especially when you’re talking about 1TB of online storage. It’s going well, and Donny takes a break to admit: “I’m so glad we’re doing this, Office 365 can seem so dry. We don’t actually play this game in our spare time, if I’m honest, but we do get into big discussions about Office 365 and how good it is.”


Director Garaint works with the team


5.30 Singing

The final video is Skype for Business, and we find out why Donny is a selfie queen, while Sarah McP gets a little carried away with her ‘Pump up the volume’ solo and the rest join in on an impromptu medley of nineties dance faves including B*witched and Blazing Squad. Donny: “Hey, we should form a band, next stop the O2!” Sarah McP: “Don’t think so, I’ve always seen myself as more of a solo artist.” Bang goes that idea then.


6pm It’s a wrap

The team’s happy with the results and now it’s down to the editors to make it good in the editing room. Want to see how they got on? Click on the video at the top of the page or take a look at the O2 Business YouTube channel


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