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Flexible working with Boden and Office 365

Lalit Mandalia, Head of Technical Services at clothing retailer Boden, had a problem keeping staff connected in his rapidly growing operation. O2 Business helped him with Office 365 and he hasn’t looked back.

“We’re based in north Acton, London,” says Lalit, “and since our start here in the UK in 1991, we’ve expanded into six countries, and grown to over 900 employees worldwide. Meanwhile, about 96% of our sales come through our ecommerce websites. With all of these working parts, we needed a fast, agile, infrastructure that could keep us connected, anywhere, any time.

“So I met with our O2 Digital Advisor, Marcus. He’s my go-to when our company needs new services. He suggested Office 365, which initially, I was a bit concerned about. We already had Microsoft products, and at the time, it seemed like it would be a hassle to upgrade everything.

“But I have to admit, Marcus was right. Switching to Office 365 was a smart move. First, there’s the pure ease of it when you work with O2. Plus, it really did make more economic sense. Instead of maintaining lots of licenses, we now just pay one fee and always have the most up-to-date software. Marcus and his team were there every step of the way, so the transition was seamless. No downtime at all.


Making a difference

“The first thing we implemented at Boden was Outlook. Our old email infrastructure needed upgrading, so it was good timing to start transitioning to the cloud. Now employees email on-the-go without the need for us to keep up servers internally. But with Office 365 you can also work on-the-go with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

“Then there’s SharePoint, so we can update our intranet. OneDrive lets our employees access files, and Skype for Business keeps us all communicating. Plus, all of these have mobile apps and cloud connectivity so our staff can work while away at shoots, out casting models, or anywhere, really.

“I think Boden is just at the start of our journey with Office 365 – and certainly with O2 Business. In a couple of years, we’ll look back and see that it’s transformed the way we work: making us more efficient, more connected, and prepared for the future.”


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