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How Digital Advisors are doing more for O2 customers

Our Digital Advisors are at the core of our service offering. They regularly go out of their way to make sure customers get more from O2 Business, with in-depth advice and knowledge of business and technology, they’re here to help.

Here are just a few of their stories.


Business solutions

“One client in the manufacturing industry told me he was experiencing problems with staff retention and attracting new talent to keep up with his company’s rate of growth. It’s not the sort of thing you might expect a traditional network to be able to help with but I could offer him a way in to a flexible working strategy with Office 365. So staff can work from home and share documents via the cloud. That really helped him to appeal to the millennials he was trying to recruit, who often expect that kind of thing as standard.”



“Because we have The O2 and sponsor the England Rugby team, we often get tickets for concerts and other events that we can make available for customers. With O2 Priority, customers can get access to some of the best gigs around, 48 hours before general release as well as lots of high street offers like £1 lunch.”


The personal touch

“Mostly, we deal with our clients over the phone but we’ll often visit in person if that’s what they want. It can be a great way to get to know each other and get a clearer idea of their business and what they need. Phone calls or video conferencing are fine, but sometimes you need that personal touch.”


Available when needed

“One of our new customers wanted to deal with us on a face-to-face basis, because they’d been mis-sold technology solutions in the past. Their office is a five-hour drive from where I’m based in Preston Brook but I got into the habit of visiting them every week so they’d know exactly who they were dealing with and felt comfortable asking whatever questions they had.”


Thinking out of the box

“One of my Finance Director customers needed to reduce her bottom line and asked for ways that she could reduce the cost of her phone tariffs. But we soon realised that the problem wasn’t so much tariffs, but the way her staff used data. They were using their own online app to record information but they then had to return to the office to input it into their secure system.

“I got her field staff on cloud-based Office 365 with a special security package so they could share information while they’re on the road, without having to return to the office to input their daily reports. They ended up making greater savings in travel costs and increased staff availability.”


Bespoke service

“One of our retail customers with around 450 stores across the UK needed tablets for their staff, but they wanted those tablets to exclusively use their app (staff were apparently running up data bills from video streaming). I was able to provision their tablets in ‘kiosk mode’ so staff can only use the store’s app.”



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