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Top tips to help you get noticed by bloggers

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You can pay to promote your brand online, or you can get yourself noticed and let others boost your brand for you. Media expert Natasha Courtney-Smith had some great tips to share to help your brand get the attention it deserves.

Bloggers have changed the media landscape and traditional publications are no longer the only route to online visibility. The biggest can boast numbers that most traditional news outlets can only dream of, like the Huffington Post’s 100 million views per month, or Business Insider’s 25 million. Even getting yourself on a variety of less popular blogs can still significantly boost your company’s profile. Here are some tips to help you get started.


For blog aggregators like Huffington Post

Reaching out to content aggregators is similar to approaching traditional news outlets, and it’s important to get your approach right.

  • Put ‘Blog pitch’ in the subject line followed by a five-word summary.
  • In your opening paragraph, don’t tell your life story, just give a brief summary of your blog post.
  • Don’t attach your blog post – include it in the body of your email.
  • Take inspiration from current news and write something that relates to your expertise without directly promoting your business eg ‘Why entrepreneurs should throw away business manuals’.
  • If you don’t get accepted straight away, keep trying.


For ‘blogstars’

Coverage from personal brand-based bloggers and vloggers is often paid-for and their rates can vary greatly, depending on their level of success and whether or not they have a manager. They tend to be keener on ‘campaigns’ than single social posts and it’s important to let them use their own creativity and voice in the content they create.

  • Make your submissions personal, featuring elements that you feel they’d like based on their previous content – it will need to resonate with them.
  • Include good research or make it funny, so that it feels like a good story.
  • And if you have great images, make sure you include them.


First steps

Make a shortlist – Draw up a shortlist of your target blogs or bloggers and focus on the ones that best fit your niche eg a personal blog, a general site, a blog you can write for, or one that is more likely to write about you.

Keep it relevant – Good blog submissions should catch the eye, so make them newsworthy, or at least timely/topical/relevant. If possible, you should include great (free) images. Once you’ve had a few posts published, you can include these in future pitches.

Post comments – You can initiate contact by posting comments on blogs that you’d like to be featured on. Every professional blogger reads their comments, so your name will be familiar even before you approach them.

Establish a relationship without agenda – Email bloggers to compliment them on a post or offering help. They’ll be more likely to consider a pitch if you already have a relationship with them.

Keep your online assets up to date – The first thing a blogger will do is Google a prospective contributor. So make sure your website, social profiles, your own blog and photography are as good as they can be.



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