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5 great business ideas for Valentine’s Day

Some companies make a fortune based on Valentine’s Day – it’s a £958 million industry in the UK alone. It’s one of the key promotional days of the year and a great opportunity to kick off a new business. Here are 5 business ideas that could get off to a running start on Valentine’s Day.

1. Sell flowers

Well, Of course. The pop-up retail sector in the UK generated more than £2.3 billion turnover in 2015 and pop-up markets and stalls are becoming more popular as entrepreneurs take advantage of low overheads and easy access to move around and sell in a variety of places, from the lobbies of large corporations to car parks and church halls. Whether you focus on floral arrangements or simple bunches of roses, Valentine’s Day is as good as any to make a start.


2. Make cards

Nothing says love quite like flowers, but when you want to make a more nuanced message, a card can speak volumes. If you’re of an artistic bent you can design and even make your own. Or you may choose to licence the designs of others. With quality Valentine’s Day cards selling for upwards of £4 each, original designs can lead to some serious revenue.

Entrepreneur Maria Allen started making her own cards and selling them to local shops in Brighton at age 14. She’s since gone on to build a business empire making and sourcing original gift ideas and is poised to begin trading in the US.


3. Organise parties and events

Valentine’s Day may be all about couples, but it also counts as one of the loneliest days of the year, highlighting the lack of love for millions of dissatisfied singletons. Dating events are still popular as organisers find ever more inventive ways to approach the introductions market, from speed dating to pheromone parties and cookery class dates – there always seems to be a new spin that can be added to the old song of boy meets girl (or boy meets boy, or boy meets non gender specific individual).

And for those lovestruck couples? How about organising romantic breaks and special experiences, something beyond the basic candlelit dinner? From La La Land-style jazz clubs and dance classes to village (as opposed to city) breaks and skydiving for two, all it takes is a little imagination and some organising ability.


4. Affiliate marketing

It may not sound very romantic, but the online popularity of Valentine’s Day is a great time to offer related marketing on your website, especially if your visitors are likely to include the kind of people who might celebrate Valentine’s Day ie almost everybody. You’ll need to register with an affiliate that sells flowers, chocolates or other romantic goods online, and you’ll get a commission every time someone buys through your affiliate links.


5. Services

When the day arrives there are all sorts of things that need doing, which the happy couple just won’t have time for. Babysitting, cabbing, deliveries, shopping – there are lots of opportunities to help out cash-rich, time-poor parents and Valentine’s Day is as good as any to get you off to a running start.


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