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Artificial Intelligence – and how it can help your business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t about thinking robots just yet, but it is fast evolving, moving beyond passive reminders to predicting your habits and device use. But how can your business get in on the action?

HTC Sense Companion

One manufacturer running with artificial intelligence is HTC. The new HTC 11, due later this year, is likely to join the recent U Series of devices with a feature called Sense Companion. Sense Companion is poised to suggest contacts to pin to your home screen based on your usage habits. It also predicts power consumption so you activate power saving mode before it’s too late, and listens to you all the time, much like Siri and Google Now.

While that might sound eerie – four microphones always on, waiting for your voice commands, HTC Sense Companion might be exactly the sort of thing we can expect more of at Mobile World Congress 2017 from 27 February in the next Huawei, LG and Samsung flagships.

With these devices using services like Yelp to cross-reference usage with highly rated results, Sense Companion will even give you restaurant recommendations based on those you’ve visited before and a customer’s current location. Whether Yelp, Trip Advisor or Google Maps, there has never been a better time to make sure your business is listed in highly rated aggregators to ensure it pops up when your potential customers might need it most.


Sony Battery Care tech

Batteries in smartphones have finite lives. The more we use them, the shorter their overall lifespan – an inconvenience given most phones have non-removable batteries now. But there are steps you can take to increase the longevity of your battery. One is to charge your phone slowly, which produces less heat than convenient fast charging, which can lead to reduced battery life, especially when charging above 80%.

Sony smartphones now feature Battery Care tech, which figures out when your phone is usually charged for long periods – overnight for example – based on your charging habits. The charger slows down so the final few percent are topped up with a trickle, finished by the time you wake up, but only just. This could save you and your business the need to upgrade your phone due to a deteriorating battery, or to have it serviced out of warranty. This tech is built-in to the new Sony Xperia XZ and X Compact, both available through O2 Business.


Google Now

If you haven’t been initiated into the world of Google Now in some way, then you’ve successfully avoided one of the most visible forms of AI currently available. Google Now integrates into your Gmail, tunes into your Android smartphone, tablet or iOS device and makes handy information available when it thinks you need it.

Has your smartphone prompted you to pull up a train ticket booking ahead of travel? A boarding pass ahead of a flight? To read an article about The Great British Bake Off after you just read one? That’s very likely Google Now at work. Tapping into your lifestyle habits and interests, it does an excellent job of cross-promoting content and saving you searching.

If you want to give it a spin, long press your home button on an Android device or download the Google app for iPhone or iPad. How can you make Google Now work for you? By using standardised formats when sending customers receipts, shipping information, booking references and updates by email. The smarter Google Now gets, the more often relevant information, like your emails, will be populating their main feed.


It’s still a little too early to confidently say what will arrive throughout the year with 100% certainty. AI does however look set to stay, cementing its place in your smartphone and business’s digital presence. For more insight into the revelations as they happen, check back at the end of February for all our Mobile World Congress 2017 news.


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