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What’s O2 Open?

By O2 business.

Whether you’re a small business or a public sector organisation, we know that when it comes to the day-to-day you want things to run smoothly. Especially with your comms provider. But on top of that, we want to give you more and we know that keeping your employees happy is one of your top priorities. That’s why we created O2 Open.

For varying reasons not every business needs to equip their employees with mobile phones, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t enjoy a little bit more if your organisation is an O2 customer. O2 Open allows employers to show their employees a little more by giving them perks on their mobile tariffs. And it’s not just discount. Your employees will automatically get access to our great deals on O2 Priority, on-the-go access with O2 Wifi, help in-store or at the click of a button with O2 Gurus, and much more.

In our aim to support you every step of the way, we also run on-site events to share the benefits of O2 Open with your employees. We make sure it’s easy for you and engaging for your people, giving them the help they need with their devices.  But don’t take it from us – here’s what one of our customers said:

“Excellent service from beginning to end. The guys were extremely professional; they set up the event quickly and without any assistance, I was particularly impressed with the way they approached all staff members. The day was a great success and there were a number of perks to all our employees on offer.” – Monica Frega, IT Procurement Officer, City and Guilds Group

We understand that new schemes can seem daunting. Sometimes it feels like more paperwork, new systems and too much hassle. But that’s why we’ve made it as simple as possible.  All that’s needed is for you to be an existing O2 business customer and you’re on your way! You can find out more about O2 Open and how you can give you employees more perks here.

Ready to scale up your business? Call an O2 business specialist on 0800 028 0202 or call free from your O2 mobile on 8002.


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