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We all say the same thing, so how will customers choose?

Dominic O’Connor, Head of Digital sales

I was at a conference recently and the experts on stage were talking about business outcomes, digital transformation and nodding sagely as they talked authoritatively on their subjects.

Then an audience member said: “but you’re all saying the same thing, so who should I go to, to buy something?”

It’s a really good question and everyone is talking about the same topics so how do customers cut through the noise and jargon to compare and decided on the solution that’s right for them and their specific needs?  My response is yes, we are all saying similar things but we have very different ways and means of delivering the outcome you need. And yes, it is confusing at best and a quagmire at worst.  Anyone with a passion for innovation can easily become bogged down by complicated terms of service, SLAs and jargon. Take supply chains for example.  Where once, they were linear, running from supplier > manufacturer > distributor>retailer and out to the customer, they are now more complex and interwoven. Furthermore our friends at IDG predict that the supply chain will evolve further to resemble a social network and that, by the end of 2020, 50% of manufacturers will derive business value from the integration of supply chain, plant operations, and product and service life-cycle management.

What we’re seeing opens up a phenomenal new way of working, and endless possibilities, but it quickly becomes challenging to manage, secure and operate.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, it’s very simple really.  In answer to the question ‘who do I buy the outcome from?’ I’d suggest it’s the company who:

    • Understands you and the outcome you want
    • Can deliver tangible transformation
    • Is reliable, trustworthy and secure
    • And is the company that has the best partnerships to bring innovation tailored to you and your customers  

 In short, I believe partner choice is essential for customers to thrive in the digitally transformed world. Obviously I’ve run Strategic Alliances and Channel Partners  at Telefonica and now head up Digital Sales, so you’d expect me to say this, but it will take the right partners and their successful blending to deliver the digital transformation our customers deserve.  If I can help explain more, please just contact me.

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