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OnePlus 3T hands-on review

The OnePlus 3 made waves and gained a lot of praise when it launched. But the OnePlus 3T goes that one step further, taking performance to the limit with a faster processor, better cameras, and a bigger battery; all packed into that same sleek and refined body we saw with the original OnePlus 3.

Like the earlier phone, the OnePlus 3T boasts a slender all-metal aluminium body, a brilliantly deep 5.5-inch AMOLED display, the fastest 4G data speeds and an excellent fingerprint scanner for speedy and secure unlocking.

But the improvements start with the OnePlus 3T’s processor. Under the hood there’s the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor – that’s the fastest chipset on the market. Pair that with a mammoth 6GB of RAM and multitasking becomes a breeze.

Then there’s the cameras. There’s a sharp, detailed 16-megapixel camera on the back, as you might expect from a high-spec smartphone like this. But unusually, there’s also a 16-megapixel camera on the front. That means conference calls and team selfies will be sharp and crystal clear, not to mention your next LinkedIn profile pic.


Great battery life and fast charge

The OnePlus 3T also packs a massive 3400mAh battery. That’s a 13% increase on the OnePlus 3’s already large 3000mAh battery – and is plenty enough power to see you through a full working day – and out to your after-work ‘power meeting’ in the pub too. Having a particularly busy day? Not to worry – the OnePlus 3T ships with a Dash Charger. Plug it in and the quick charging technology means you can get it to more than a 60% charge in just half an hour.

With the OnePlus 3T you can also choose between 64 or 128GB of onboard storage. Either way, that’s more than enough room for all of your files, photos and videos. Or, you can sync your phone to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365 from O2 Business, and not only will you get access to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but you’ll get support for Box cloud storage, McAfee Multi Access security and O2 Just Call Me hassle-free conference calls.


Two sim cards, two numbers

Finally, the OnePlus 3T has room for two sim cards, so it can take two phone numbers. The display will alert you which sim is receiving a call and give you the option of which one you choose to dial from. So it’s perfect for keeping that separation between your home and work life; without the hassle of carrying around two phones.

Or if you’re a regular traveller, you can keep your foreign sim in your phone so it’s ready to go as soon as you touch down.



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