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Maintaining productivity during disruption

by John Aloy, Managing Partner for Passenger Services, Telefónica UK

Disruption in the travel and transport world is unavoidable. Contingency plans can of course be created, but sometimes it is simply out of your control. As I look back on last week, it’s safe to say it was a bad week!  Travelers will have seen their travel plans change due to disruption, whether it was the winter storms or the strikes across the London Underground or Southern Rail.

Whilst all of us know that sometimes disruption just happens, we also all agree that the most important thing travel operators can do during disruption is keep passengers informed. O2 has also worked with Trans Pennine Express to equip their employees with the right technologies to make sure they are connected at all times on the job. With the assistance of mobile devices, staff have the most up to date information for passengers in the palm of their hands. Govia have used O2 Wifi to ensure that its customers have easy access to wifi and train information.  As a result, it believes it is reducing calls to customer service.

Last week, we were fortunate to have warnings of both the impending bad weather and the scheduled strikes but sometimes things will come to a standstill.  At those times, whether you’re a passenger or an employee, being able to work remotely is critical.

I’m lucky at O2 as we have what’s been described as an ‘anywhere Office’ approach, legacy of the flexible working programme we began company-wide in 2012. During periods of disruption, workers and organisations alike can protect their productivity by appreciating the benefits of flexible working.

At O2 we have first-hand experience of making flexible working a reality, for us and our customers, and know it can offer organisations more than just productive, happy employees. It’s about streamlining your operations to make cost efficiencies, increasing productivity across the board and finding new ways to meet the needs of your customers.  I’m happy to share our experiences so please just contact me if you’d like to know more.

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