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One way to make your life simpler in 2017

By Elizabeth Ponsford, Customer Engagement Manager, O2 Digital UK

“How did we ever manage without a dishwasher?” was the refrain I heard more than once while clearing up after various family feasts over the festive period.

It’s just one of many technical innovations that make our lives easier, simpler and more efficient, and which we take completely for granted. And at O2 we’re doing our best to do the same for conference calls (as well as business apps, flexible working, Wifi and 4G Calling and much more, but you’ll hear more about all that later this year).

Our conference calling service O2 Just Call Me is actually quite revolutionary in its own, small way, and it’s no wonder it made its way into CCS Insight CEO Shaun Collins’ top three pieces of tech he couldn’t live without in 2017. He called it ‘indispensable’, and he’s not the only one who’s quickly come to accept quick, easy and low-priced conference calls as the norm.

We previously got used to joining a conference call by dialling a long and difficult-to-remember bridge number and access codes. We tolerated having to re-record our name every time we dialled in. And we put up with never being quite sure who was on the call at any time. Not to mention the risk of a second call starting before the first had finished.

Not anymore. O2 Just Call Me has radically changed that experience, for the better. The host schedules the call via a app, then all the participants need to do is dial the host’s mobile number, which is probably already stored in their contacts list. The host can see exactly who’s on the call, who’s speaking at any time and has complete control over the participants, with the power to refuse, mute, muffle or remove them.

Give yourself some time back

Our customers, whose feedback and insights helped us develop and refine the service, have been giving it great reviews and regularly tell us how it’s been helping them work more productively and collaboratively.

On average, participants can join a call 37 seconds quicker than using traditional conference call services. That’s up to eight hours a year saved just in joining conference calls – who wouldn’t want a day of wasted time back every year? And if you need to set up a call in a hurry, say, for emergency repair works, every second counts.

Once you start using O2 Just Call Me, it’s easy to see how clunky and frustrating traditional audio conference solutions are in comparison. When you get used to the simplicity of the app, being invited to a traditional conference call has the same appeal as being elbow-deep in greasy dishwater. Try it and you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without it.

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