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3 new social networks for business

Three new social networks are making waves amongst the next generation of entrepreneurs. All available across iOS and Android, what are they and is it time to get your business signed up?


Ello – Creators

For any creative businesses, Ello is a fantastic resource for soundboarding early stage projects and getting inspiration. Whether you specialise in photography, illustration, 3D design or print, signing up generates a feed of content for you to thumb through. Once comfortable with the network, you can post, like and comment away, all the while building up a list of accounts you follow.

The unique feature Ello offers is its transparency and community-centric approach, absent from comparable networks like Pinterest. For example, you can see how many views each post gets, comment on other users’ work, repost shares and follow and unfollow at will.




Location-based status updates – that’s what YikYak is all about.

Currently taking off with students, YikYak is an excellent insight into what teens and twenty somethings are talking about in your locale. Signing up is easy and once you’re on it, you get access to trending posts that users can vote up or vote down.

There aren’t any monetisation options and business-related posts would stand out like a sore thumb amongst the sea of whimsical student missives, but for an insight into potential target audiences, it could be well worth the five-minute sign-up process.




One for businesses that sell to US customers, ‘Wanelo’ is a contraction of the words ‘want’, ‘need’ and ‘love’. Appropriate given the fact this network is all about shopping.

Selling goods from over 550,000 online shops, centralised in an app, it offers a huge amount of choice, from big brands through to independent retailers. Once a customer signs up, Wanelo builds a shopping profile and syphons relevant items through to the home feed.

This home feed can be a product-centric, Instagram-style service, populated by pictures of good-looking consumables. The key difference between Instagram and Wanelo however is the ability to take the experience through to purchase.

If you’re a UK-based shop that delivers to the US therefore, Wanelo could be the silver bullet that helps your business take off across the pond.



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