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Essential technology for small businesses

Members of small business support group Enterprise Nation told us about the technology they just couldn’t live without.

Living in the cloud

Everything’s about the cloud now and I couldn’t manage without Google Docs. I need to be able to move fast and work away from the office whenever necessary. Anything that helps me break being tied to a desk is a good thing.

Quentin Pain, Legendary Business Owners


The business wouldn’t run without our ability to use cloud services. Our team is based all over the country so that’s the only way we can actively manage the various different applications that we use.

Maryhan Baker, Brainboost Box


Our web developer’s in Germany, the people who make our shirts are in Spain, so it’s really important that everybody has access to the latest version of a document, so we really rely on our cloud storage platform.

Ana Rodriguez, Santamaria Shirt Makers


It would be wonderful to have a bricks and mortar boutique in central London but with the rents and rates what they are today, the cloud and related technological advancements have enabled us to have the business that we have today. Dropbox is important to us but there are lots more. I travel a lot so it’s important that I can work from anywhere in the world. It’s also great for our team as it gives them more flexibility and control.

Janan Leo, Cocorose London


Business apps

I couldn’t survive without Instagram. Social media as a whole but Instagram in particular. I’m on it frequently throughout the day. It’s perfect for inspiration, raising brand awareness and communicating with our audience.

Claire Burrows, Air & Grace


My cannot live without is Hootsuite, our social media scheduler. It allows us to schedule our social media posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, which keeps us present in our potential subscribers’ social feeds.

Maryhan Baker, Brainboost Box


I’m on my phone and my laptop all the time, so I get through a ton of mobile data. I’m definitely considering O2 Just Call Me to make it easier for us to conference call. It would save us a lot of hassle in setting up those calls.

Theo Wasserberg, Tahouts


It’s all about the phone

My phone goes with me everywhere. It means I can take photos of our products once they’ve been made, get inspiration for new ideas or take snapshots of my children and my dog CoCo. And then just run out the door if I need take CoCo for a walk. Instagram is our key platform for regular posts of designs and offers, plus some fun stuff keeps it fresh for us and helps us to interact with our customers.

Sabrina Bluck, CoCo Loves


My office is mobile all the time so I’m working out of cafes and on the train, so it’s all about my mobile phone and my laptop, I take them everywhere so a lot of my business can be run from my phone, especially using social media and email tools and apps. And I use my wifi hotspot wherever and whenever I need to access my emails or documents when I’m out and about, which is most of the time.

Hannah Whitehead, Good Deed Dating



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