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How to win at Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday is a retail phenomenon in the United States, increasingly spreading across the globe. On the fourth Friday of November, retailers put on flash sales to open the Christmas trading season. Cyber Monday, its technology equivalent, is almost as popular.

Many companies often arrange creative Black Friday stunts that, done well, can prompt a serious spike in sales. Although many are backed up by huge corporate budgets, the simplest ideas are often the most effective. We’ve rounded up a few that even the smallest businesses can take inspiration from.

Use clever online sales tactics

Black Friday web traffic is intense. Online offers are only available in limited quantities for a limited time, so everyone is trying to access the same webpages at the same time. This can lead to customer frustration as the retail websites slow down or even fail to load at all. Kohls found a simple solution: it offered its highly sought-after promotional deals over a longer time period than usual. By running offers from as early as the Tuesday before the big day, Kohls shifts attention onto their business while its competitors are sitting around waiting for the big day.

Tech take out: Box clever. If your competitors are all doing the same thing, figure out how your business can do it differently.

Adapt your online platforms to suit the occasion

O2 designed a bespoke Black Friday/Cyber Monday page with a ticking countdown timer that dominated the web page for the entire week. The message was clear: you need to buy this, now!

Tech take out: Don’t underestimate the importance of your company website – and the page that makes most impact is your home page. Static front pages that say little about the company character and are rarely changed suggest your firm lacks ambition – as times and events move forward, so should your site.

Use online platforms to help you break the mould

Black Friday bombards customers with the message Buy! Buy! Buy! Patogonia’s campaign subverted this entirely. Its #WornWear video and Twitter campaign encouraged people to patch up their existing clothes instead of buying new ones. This unusual message resulted in powerful levels of brand loyalty, proving that sometimes short-term thinking is not the way to go.

Tech take out: Original ideas paired with a social platform are a great way to establish a strong individual identity for your business.

Champion innovations with an app

Target stores are huge, which means finding a specific item in the midst of the stressful Black Friday rush can seem almost impossible. Realising this problem, Target unveiled an updated mobile app in preparation for this year’s big day. It uses the latest mapping technology to link products to maps of Target stores. Once you’ve put the item you’re after into the search bar, the app guides you to its location on the shelf. It’s a powerful link between Target’s physical and digital worlds.

Tech take out: Apps should serve a crystal-clear purpose that will improve customer experience. Building an app just for the sake of it is a waste of time, but those based on an innovative and helpful idea can really make your company’s name.


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