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Why OneNote is my new notepad

By Mandy Gidda, Marketing Manager

I joined O2 from a traditional company that still used pens, paper and email, so as a new starter being introduced to the world of paper-free was daunting to say the least!

From day one I got looks of horror from my new colleagues as I walked into meetings with my gorgeous pink notepad, especially bought for my new job. Suddenly I became very conscious of my faithful companion, the notepad, which I’d relied on for years.

But after only a few weeks in the role, and without IT setting me up on a printer, I quickly came to realise that I only used to print documents out of habit, rather than because it was needed.

And – wow – I was also introduced to the world of OneNote. Without printing and despite not using my lovely notepad, I actually feel more organised for using OneNote.  I’m no longer scrabbling around looking for my to-do list or actions from my last meeting, or wading through pages of research figures and big reports. I’m saving time as I no longer have to type up any actions/notes post-meeting, I do them as I go along and can share them right away using Sharepoint.

My bag is lighter as I’m not carrying around reams of paper. Surprisingly, I’ve got used to editing/reviewing documents on-screen all within a space of a month.  I’m actually proud to say since joining O2, I haven’t printed a single document and don’t feel the need to.

As for my notepad, I’ve downsized and it still stays with me, but more as a security blanket than a requirement. It hasn’t made an appearance in weeks.

Give it a go – go paperless for at least a day!

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