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The Sarnie Business final day – A visit from the King

With the lawsuit dropped, Lauren (@LaurenDouglin) and Scott (@ScottHudson) have brought The Sarnie Business back to the shop. But thanks to a social media whirlwind after they find a burned panini that bears a distinct similarity to the king of rock ’n’ roll, things are about to get a little weird.

Lauren: Today was mental! We were back in the shop, and we’d been speaking to loads of our friends on social media to get them to swing by, so we were expecting a bit of a crowd.

Scott: Not like the one we got though.

Lauren: No. We had loads and loads of Elvis fans come through the door, and we just weren’t prepared. We hadn’t made enough sandwiches to cope.

Scott: But we did have the King panini.

Lauren: After we found the burnt panini that looked a bit like Elvis we got a lot of attention from social media and word got around. So we made a special tribute version, with peanut butter and banana like Elvis used to eat.

Scott: And we just couldn’t make enough of them.

Lauren: Then there was the guy who offered us a small fortune to buy it. That was a great way to end it, actually.

Elvises in the building


Profit and loss

Lauren: Overall, we came out ahead, but only just. Major, major thanks to Suzanne (Cullen, of Gustatus) who helped us keep our costs down and focus on the things that would help us, like diversifying our product range and refining our flavours.

Scott: We compressed a lot into a very short space of time, but it just goes to show how business can change very quickly and you’ve really just got to be able to cope.

The taste of success


Lessons learned

Lauren: It was a genuine adventure but I’m also genuinely glad that it’s over. Parts of it were hilarious, parts of it were quite hard, and parts of it were straight up madness! O2 threw some crazy things at us, and we just coped with them as best we could. I thought we did bloody well. I’ve certainly learned an awful lot from it.

There are so many variables, some that you can predict to an extent, and loads that you just can’t. So it helps to be as prepared as humanly possible.

Scott: I think we did okay. If we were doing it again there would be so many things that we’d do differently, but that’s because we learned the hard way. But it underlined for us just how precarious starting a business can be. You really do need to be flexible and adapt to whatever happens.



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